What to do in Dalat: explore the nature Heaven of Vietnam

If you have some research for Vietnam Tour, you might impress that despite being a tropical country, Vietnam has different types of weather across our country. You can find a unique shade of climate from the North to the South. If in the North, tourists could examine a typical cool winter, the South indicates warm weather all year round. 

However, Da lat city is a wonderland I bet you will never find it anywhere else. Da Lat city has 4 seasons per day. In other words, in Da Lat, you can enjoy spring in the morning, summer in the noon, autumn in the afternoon, and winter at night and early morning. 

The specialties of Da Lat city make it become the resort destination of the old Vietnamese royal family. Today, Dalat Travel is still attractive to travelers from Vietnam and foreigners. In this article, World Mate Travel shows you details of this unique city in our country regarding travel taste.

Dalat Travel: Welcome to flower Heaven 

Da Lat city is located in the highland of Central Vietnam, where the climate is suitable for farming or cultivation. Regarding what to do in Dalat, you can find many suggestions on the internet indicating the flower Heaven. Due to its great weather, Da Lat city is the flower garden of Vietnam, growing thousands of flowers for both tourism and commercials.

The most famous attraction of Da Lat is obviously its breathtaking landscape with beautiful natural scenery and palatial resorts. Let’s find out what are the most intriguing things about Da Lat city.

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           Da Lat city and what makes it become specials

Da Lat travel owns thousands of miracles to surprise tourists that I can not mention all in only one article. Here are the top 4 unique attractions you have never found anywhere else. 

Say no to Traffic lights in Hanoi or Saigon, the two busiest cities in the country, are also very annoying because of the chaotic traffic. Basically, traffic light systems are responsible for ensuring traffic order for vehicles.

However, Dalat pretends to be different. The traffic here is not moderated by red and green light poles. The traffic flows always move leisurely on the roads, which is as cool and pleasant as the city's weather.

1. Lavender field in the Da Lat city center

With Da Lat travel, you can be lost in the immensity of flower fields. As the flower capital of Vietnam, what to do in Dalat is to see lavender flowers similar to the ones in the Provence region of France.

The lavender field of over 1000m2 wide is grown all year round in the Van Thanh flower village. However, visitors should also be warned about the torrential rains in July and August, making the fields muddy.

2. Maple forest alongside Da Lat city

No need to travel to Canada, the maple forest of Da Lat will give you a romantic paradise setting, which is next to Tuyen Lam Lake. It is considered a beautiful paradise garden in the flower town. A vast space with beautiful scenery of over 2000 maple trees in all colors will surprise you. 

Maple forest Dalat owns 2000 Shan tea trees, 500 cherry trees, and over 20,000 pine trees. Each type of tree has its own characteristics and has the oldest age. There are also rare herbs and conifers. If you have time, visit here in the fall. To experience the cool air full of life in Da Lat maple leaf forest.

3. Fairy Pumpkin like lost in Cindrella world

Addicted to flower gardens and beautiful scenery, you might have missed the giant pumpkin garden in Da Lat. Visiting here, you can have an impressive check-in da lat with giant pumpkins only found in fairy tale stories. 

This pumpkin garden is for sale in the Suoi Tien tourist area for display on festivals of Da Lat. These days, the best and most giant pumpkins here are manually selected to display. This type of pumpkin is not only for garniture but also used for cooking.

            Perfect time for Dalat Travel

4 Seasons of Dalat

Speacial things

Dalat travel from Jan to March

Cherry Bloosom and Mimosa

Dalat travel in March to May

Purple phoenix flowers 

Dalat travel from Jul to Sep

Persimmon fruit

Dalat travel from Aug to Oct

Unexpected rains

Dalat travel from Oct to Dec

Wild sunflowers


You will enjoy pleasant weather and romantic scenery when traveling to Da Lat city from January to April, especially on the colorful road of blooming cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom is the remarkable gift of Da Lat, offering an unforgettable memory for tourists when they arrive. It is the ideal time to travel for devotees of love and romance in Dalat. 

The significant activities of What to do in Dalat this time is exploring beautiful cherry blossoms on Tran Hung Dao Street, along the old Cadasa villas. You can also visit Le Dai Hanh Street in the city center, the road along Xuan Huong Lake, and Truc Lam Zen Monastery, which are also ideal places to admire and take pictures with cherry apricot blossoms.

As a travel experience, the most beautiful time for Da Lat travel is from March to May, when Da Lat is filled with the colors of purple phoenix flowers to welcome summer. This time, Da Lat is a poetic space full of romance.

In the summer, from August to October, Da Lat city often has heavy rains adversely influencing your trip. It is hard to find what to do in Dalat under the rain. However, if you love the romantic feeling, it is the ideal time to find unique Dalat and what to do on rainy days. Sitting and sipping a hot cup of coffee while looking out the window at the romantic rain is an unforgettable experience in your journey.

From October to December, Da Lat city is characterized by the cold of early winter. The air is cool and fresh. Moreover, it is time to watch wild sunflowers bloom beautifully. The ideal roads to see wild sunflowers such as the road to Ta Nung, Suoi Thong flower, the road to Ham Thuan (Bao Loc, Lam Dong), and the Phu Hiep roadway

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What to do in Dalat

           Ca Phe Da Lat: Taste the landscape

The top attraction of Da Lat city is its scenery. That is why on top of what to do in Dalat is finding a special place to enjoy the natural gift. In the flowers land Dalat, tourists will love to chill in Da Lat cafes with super views to check-in. Most tourists travel here to take exceptional pictures, and creating your own album is one of the top Dalat to-do lists.

Choosing the best one among the thousands of coffee shops surrounding here might not be an easy task. Most of the cafes in Da Lat city are also very focused on the interior, designing the best possible check-in corner for customers. Those cafes are not beautiful for enjoying the atmosphere but also intimate spaces for lovers and friends.

However, Ca Phe Da Lat is also a good gift delighting even c the most fastidious coffee lovers apart from the scenery. Ca Phe Da Lat is made from the famous coffee variety of Vietnam, cultivated with sun and wind. It is voted to be one of the best Coffee in the world. 

Here is the list of some outstanding Ca Phe Da Lat you can try:

  • The Leaf Coffee 
  • Garden of Love – Jardin D’amour Villa, Coffee, and Bistro
  • May's Tea Shop
  • Green Box Cafe
  • Purple Heaven
  • Rainy Coffee Dalat – Coffee shop in Dalat
  • Midway Tea & Coffee
  • Him Cafe
  • Kombi Land Coffee Da Lat – The most popular virtual living cafe in Da Lat

            Check in Dalat: Explore the top 10 attractive direction

DaLat travel is the time for you to explore the miracle of nature. Here, you might feel lost in the fairyland. Check in with wonderful places should be added to every page of your Dalat itinerary. 

1. Tourist places in the suburbs of Da Lat

Temporarily staying away from the hustle and bustle of Da Lat city, visitors will enjoy new and more special spaces in the suburbs to feel the peace at some places below:

Famous places to visit in the suburbs of Da Lat such as:

  • Cau Dat Tea Hill
  • Da Lat Railway Tunnel
  • Datanla Waterfall tourist area
  • Sculpture Tunnel
  • Thuy Thuan tourist area Dalat
  • Linh An Temple

2. Check in da lat in the direction of LangBiang

If you want to explore Da Lat in the direction of Langbiang, you can visit more places, such as:

  • Linh Son Pagoda
  • Domaine De Marie Church
  • Da Phu Hill
  • Thien Phuc Duc Hill
  • Thang Thinh Strawberry Garden
  • Langbiang tourist area

3. check in da lat in the direction of Prenn Pass

Prenn Pass is considered one of the most beautiful passes in Da Lat. If you choose Prenn Pass as the main sightseeing direction, you can refer to places such as:

  • Bao Dai Palace 2
  • La Phong tourist area
  • Bali Heaven Gate – Green Hills
  • Robin Cable Car Hill
  • Datanla waterfall tourist area
  • Prenn Waterfall

4. check in da lat on the way to Tuyen Lam Lake

Da Lat tourist destinations in the direction of Tuyen Lam Lake are as follows:

  • Crazy House - Crazy House
  • Bao Dai Palace 2
  • Truc Lam
  • Tuyen Lam Lake
  • Datanla Waterfall
  • Lavender Dalat tourist area
  • Sculpture Tunnel

5. Check in da lat in the downtown area of Da Lat city

The famous tourist attractions in the central area of Da Lat:

  • Da Lat Market
  • Dalat City Flower Garden
  • Dalat Railway Station
  • Lam Vien Square
  • Da Lat Chicken Church
  • Domaine De Marie Church

6. check in da lat on the route to the Valley of Love

If you want to visit the Valley of Love, you should combine visiting the following places:

  • Van Hanh Monastery
  • Lumiere Garden of Lights
  • Dreamy hill
  • XQ History of Da Lat city
  • Valleys love

7. check in da lat in the direction of Cu Lan Village

On the route to Cu Lan Village, you can visit famous places such as:

  • Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area
  • Van Thanh Flower Village
  • Dalat Fairytale Land
  • Puppy Farm cún
  • Golden Valley
  • Lonely Pine Tree
  • Forest Ghost Lu Quan
  • Cu Lan Village

8. Check in da lat on the same route to Zoodoo

If you go to Zoodoo, you can combine visiting more places such as:

  • Dalat Railway Station
  • Two grave hill
  • Thai Phien Flower Village
  • Dalat Animal Hill
  • Zoodoo Zoo

9. check in da lat in the direction of Cau Dat tea hill

Fun places in Da Lat are located on the same route in the direction of Cau Dat tea hill, such as:

  • Lam Dong Museum
  • Palace 1 Dalat
  • Ve Chai Temple
  • Carnation Flower Garden
  • Tiger Cave Waterfall
  • Cau Dat tea hill.

10. Check in da lat on the route to Linh An Pagoda

On this route, there are many beautiful places to take pictures, such as:

  • Fresh Garden Dalat tourist area
  • Van Thanh Flower Village
  • Dalat Fairytale Land
  • Hoa Son Dien Trang eco-tourism area
  • Thuy Thuan tourist area
  • Ta Nung flower field
  • Cafe Me Linh
  • Elephant Waterfall
  • Linh An Temple

           In the Forest Dalat: Chill with the nature

Regarding what to do in Dalat, exploring the romantic pine forest is an outstanding option. The beauty of the pine forests throughout the highlands has become the iconic image associated with Da Lat city. That’s why chilling in the Forest Dalat cannot be missed in your Dalat itinerary. 

The pure energy from the pine forests of Da Lat is the golden key that keeps visitors coming back. Tourists will be addicted to the cool air in every breath and the sound of pine chirping in the wind creating joyful music. 

You can find pine trees anywhere in the city. However, to make sure to get good angles and move safely, we give you some options to make your Da Lat travel unforgettable:

1. Pine Forest in Prenn Pass

For those of you who love backpacking, Prenn Pass is an amazing destination located at the southern gateway of Da Lat city. Prenn Pass is known as the most beautiful pass in Da Lat, with a winding road flanked by pristine green pine forests.

The most beautiful time in the Forest Dalat is around 3 pm to 5 pm when the surrounding landscape becomes more shimmering and fanciful. To check in Dalat in pine hill here, you can follow the footpath leading to the forest. However, only a few vehicles are moving on the road, so be careful.

2. Pine forest of Tuyen Lam lake

Located at the foot of Phung Hoang Mountain, Tuyen Lam Lake is known for its beautiful scenery, made up of many small oases and surrounding pine forests. It makes you come to a wonderland.

Pine forest in Tuyen Lam lake grows naturally, becoming an ideal camping and picnic spot for tourists finding what to do in Dalat

3. Pine forest in Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan village is located in the middle of the primeval forest at the foot of Langbiang mountain. It is also the place where you will get lost in the endless pine forest. You can explore the breathtaking scenery of the pine trees and the golden lake with iridescent flowers, surrounded by the sound of nature. The nature here will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

4. Golden Valley Pine Forest

Golden Valley is an eco-tourism area located by Dankia Lake with thousands of green pines, flowers, and bonsai stones, which can make you fall in love at first sight. Coming to the Golden Valley, you will be surprised with pine species from 5m - 15m high, covering a whole hill next to green meadows. Accordingly, it is why people think about Camping in Golden Valley when deciding what to do in Dalat. 

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