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We prepare a comprehensive guide for those who are planning their golf tours. Get ready for your incredible trips with well-prepared information.

Checklist for the golf pro tour schedule

Sometimes, planning a luxury golf tour might not be effortless since it combines several criteria. World Mate Travel understands the desire to customize the best golf tours among tourists. Then, the below items would provide an overview of what a typical golf tour looks like and what interesting destinations are.

What you can look for in a golf tour

Luxury golf tours admire the tourist experiences that require a high quality of services. To help you catch up with the golf tours, here are listed services you can expect from World Mate Travel:

  • Selected golf courses and resorts for your vacation
  • Meal and food plan
  • Private local tour guides with experience leading golf tours
  • Private transportation and golf course transfer
  • Entrance fees and service chargers 
 As an experienced golf travel agency, we serve luxury golf trips. For other additional services and deals, please contact us.    

Best golf trip destinations

World Mate Travel offers the best golf trip destinations across Vietnam and other parts of South East Aisa. Each gold destination indicates unique attractions and is charming, waiting for you to explore. Here are some best golf destinations you might love: 

  1. Golf Tour Hanoi: You can find several golfing complexes in the suburbs of Hanoi city. Golf Tour in Hanoi offers you special trips to exclusive resort relaxing combined with top-class golfing experiences. 
  2. Golf Tour Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city): Besides cultural heritages, Sai Gon is famous for relaxing and luxury travel. You can find several gold championship courses in Ho Chi Minh City supported by brilliant gold clubs here. 
  3. Golf Tour Da Nang: is a combination of golf-lovers destinations and relaxing travel places in one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. Golf resorts in Da Nang attract international and domestic tourists from its different terrains for better golf experiences. 
  4. Golf Tour Ha Long: Coming to Ha Long, you can try 2 wonder golf courses, including FLC ha Long and Tuan Chau golf resort. Both golf clubs in Ha Long demonstrate the attractive beauty of mountains and beaches inside one of the World's Wonders
  5. Golf Tour Hai Phong: From the development of the tourism city, Hai Phong has introduced some new golf courses, adding more options to Vietnam golf tour travel. Come to Hai Phong, you can try modern and luxury golf trips with impressive services. 
For those who are looking for luxury golf trips in other countries, we offer an entire customized packages for you to design your typical itinerary. 

Custom golf tour for you

In cases where you expect a golf tour imbued with individuality and fit with your schedule and favorite, we offer tour customization. Our philosophy respects the uniqueness of each trip. Hence, you can freely design your expected travel itinerary.  

Luxury golf tours

Do you curious about what makes golf tours become a luxury? It is not limited to luxury resorts with world-class services. Our luxury golf tours come up with outstanding experiences touching your soul during your vacation. Vietnam would be the best destination for luxury golf tours due to our breathtaking landscape and beautiful climate. Besides, you can try unique golf course experiences through our unlimited attractions of cultures and natural wonders. 

We deliver the concept of luxury as a first-class golf travel agency in both on and off golf courses. In these cases, World Mate Travel cares significantly about all angles of your golf tours, including shopping experiences, spa services, sports events, food, and more.

Serving your requirements, we partner with hand-picked corporate golf and hospitality providers to meet your specific needs. 

Golf pro tour schedule- Customized golf tours itinerary

Regarding customized golfing vacations, World Mate Travel offers suggestions for whether individual, small, group, or community golfers. You can check the custom golf tour details and add personalized items. Besides, requests for adding the required rooms, meals, and other outdoor activities for your trips should be priorly sent to us.

Apart from golf tours, you could make a personalized vacation with other tour types, destinations, or entertainment options. We offer unlimited tour length following your schedule. We will send a detailed gold tour itinerary as required. 

Golf tour- tips and advice

Check our executive tips and suggestions for having proper preparation for your best golf tours. As a trusted golf travel agency, we understand your concerns and trouble before making any decisions. 

Why choose a golf tour with us

The diversity of fantastic golf course across the world make you confused about choosing South East Asia for your upcoming golf tours. We note here with some details: 

  1. Easy to Access: Via the on-arrival VISA scheme, you save time when landing in most SE Asia countries. Especially in Vietnam, we enjoy a short VISA application process to attract golfers.
  2. World-class and five-star golf courses: Located in tropical regions, golf courses and resorts here leverage beautiful landscapes and climates that you never find anywhere else
  3. Trusted golf travel agency: World Mate Travel can offer you full services from flight booking and transfers to activity hosts as your request. 
  4. Safe and friendly nation: choosing golf tours, you get 100% of private tours with your friends and network, staying away from political conflicts. all you enjoy a high level of relaxation with beautiful scenery and professional hospitality services. 

Grab value tips for having the best gold tours

Planning the best golf tours is somehow simple but not easy. If you still get trouble making decisions for future trips, keep in mind our suggestions:

  1. Getting Organized: Golf travels or most other types of tourism focus on spending time silmultaneously with your friends and beloveds. That's why the first thing you should mind is your travel mate. Consider their enthusiasm, needs, and wants before forming common grounds for all. 
  2. Choose your golf courses: each destination has its own personlized things for you. Based on skill, experiences, and areas of interest, you can choose the most fitted golf club for your group.
  3. Do not aggressively stick with your budget: Trying golf tours, you might stay ways form cheap options, which commonly come up with dissatisfying experiences. It's better if you have a golf travel agency taking care of your budget and accommodation.
  4. Have fun: Mind that golf is never a competing sport. Then the root purpose of your golf trips is to enjoy the moment. You try golf to make the best experience instead of being a winner.     

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