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Making plans to vacations in Cambodia? Read our essential notices to find out the most fitting route:

Cambodia trip and tour: essential checklist

Like local Cambodia tour operators, we understand the challenge for those who expect to plan the extended Cambodia Adventures. Most of our tourists choose a combined tour operator with a set of tourist attractions not limited to Cambodia. The most favorite tours refer to a trip to three countries (Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam) or a two-countries tour (Cambodia and Vietnam). We note below as a sample of the travel itinerary for your reference

Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam itinerary

One of the popular Cambodia trips that travelers love is three in one package, one trip for Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam. Three countries with different cultural colors could make your trip unforgettable. Here are suggested Travel itineraries for Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam trips:

  • Day 1: Siem Reap (Cambodia): Located in the North Western of Cambodia, Siem Reap is the city we bet you to visit once in your life. Here you can find the unique Dragon Bridge built in the 19th century. 
  • Day 2: Angkor (Cambodia): Angkor is a complex religious building in Cambodia, which is the national image of this country. 
  • Day 3: Bangkok (Thailand): Coming to Thailand, you might love to visit the capital city, Bangkok. This city is famous for popular street food and unique festivals. 
  • Day 4: Wat Traimit( Thailand): Wat Traimit is the most famous pagoda in Thailand, where you can find the impressive architecture of golden buildings and statues. 
  • Day 5: Phnom Penh (Cambodia): Moving to the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh gives you several experiences like the walkable riverfront, ornate Royal Palace, and Silver Pagoda. 
  • Day 6: Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam): Regarding the beautiful city of Vietnam, you can visit one of the most hustle cities of Indochina. Here you can explore the unique nightlife in Asian culture.

Cambodia Vietnam itinerary

An ideal tour itinerary in Cambodia and Vietnam looks like this? Depending on your time and budget, we suggest regular 8 days and 7-night tours through most tourist attractions of the two countries:

  • Day 1: Hanoi (Vietnam): On the one-day trip to Hanoi capital city of Vietnam, you have a chance to explore the cultural heritage of Vietnam as the Old Quater, the temple of literature, Guom Lake, and more. Also, Hanoi street cuisine here will impress every food-lover.
  • Day 2: Halong Bay( Vietnam): It's time to visit one of the World's wonders. Halong Bay is famous for its incredible landscapes with beautiful islands, breathtaking beaches, and nature cases. 
  • Day 3-4: Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam): Ho Chi Minh city tour might be a great choice when coming back to the city landscape. You can also take time to visit Cuchi tunnels for exploring the popular historic site of Vietnam
  • Day 6: Angkor (Cambodia): Moving about 230km from Ho Chi Minh City to enter Angkor- the ancient temple of Cambodia. You could visit here from an unusual vehicle called Tuk Tuk. Get a ride from Siem Reap to Angkor complex. You can see Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple, and Angkor Wat, which have impressive architecture. 
  • Day 7-8: Ta Prohm and Banteay Srei (Cambodia): A perfect Cambodia trip cannot miss a tour of Taphrohn and Banteay Srei. The signature pink sandstone wall here makes the destination the theme for a Hollywood movie called Tomb Raider.

Cambodia sightseeing

Cambodia is one of three Indochina countries, having the country border with Vietnam and Laos. From Vietnam, travelers can readily arrive in Cambodia sightseeing by car and boat. Cambodia is famous for its pagoda architecture and religious heritage. That's why, coming on a Cambodia trip, you should love the below tourist attraction: 
 1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is well-known as the largest religious monument in the world, which is the temple complex. It presents current images of Buddhist temples, which play crucial roles in Cambodia's spiritual life. 

2. Koh Rong Island
known as Paradise Island, Koh Rong Island is one of the most favorite destinations in Cambodia. Here you can enjoy the warm crystal oceans within the particular tropical climate. Visit Koh Rong is a fit choice for Cambodia tour holidays. 

3. Phnom Penh
Traveling to the hustle capital city of Cambodia is an unforgettable experience. In Phnom Penh, you can see the combination of the Khmer Empire and French colonialists simultaneously. 

4. Sihanoukville
Sihanoukville is a charming coastal city, owning several beautiful beaches such as Victory Beach, Lamherkey, Koh Pos, Independence Beach, Sokha, and more. Surrounding Sihanoukville is groups of Islands, which is an ideal destination for coral diving.

5. Kampot 
Kampot is a beautiful town located in the center of Kampot. This place is famous for friendly local living, reasonable-price services, and food. Additionally, Kampot is heaven for tropical fruits. You might be impressed by the diversity and the taste of fruit here. 

6. Silver Pagoda
Gold and Silver pagodas impress you with their unique architecture. In the Silver Pagoda, you can find the Italian marble staircase leading to the Baccarat Crystal sculpture.

7. Cambodia Tonale Sap
Tonale Sap is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia, belonging to the Mekong river system. You can find the flooded forest surrounding the lake. It is the best shelter for all kinds of fish spawned.

8. Battambang
In Battambang, it is not beautiful beaches and hustle city. However, the most impressive thing about Battambang is related to its history. From the 18th century, Battambang was the largest trade center, reserving several buildings of the Angkor empire.

Cambodia trip with World Mate Travel

Having trips with a professional tour operator company, what criteria do you admire the most? We investigate with our group of customers and found the top three concerns when selecting tour packages. Cost, company capacity, and travel itinerary are on the top. 

Cambodia trip cost

Depending on the Cambodia vacation, the cost of trips could vary due to types of accommodation, transportation, and activities. In general, we give you a typical calculator for your reference. 

  • Flight/airfare: you can fly to some city hub and then take another vehicle to Cambodia to save money. The one-way ticket is around $300 to $500, depending on your departure and arrival. For cheap flights, you can ask Skyscanner. 
  • Accommodation: In Cambodia, you can take a dorm for the lowest budget while adopting a hotel for more comfortable. It costs about $15-$20 for a dorm and $30-$60 for a private room in a hotel.
  • Transportation:  
  1.  Bus ride: $8-$10
  2.  Minivan from Kampot to Kep: $4.50
  3.  Motorbike hire for 24 hours: $5
  4.  Ferry : $7- $12
  •  Foods and Drinks: For all of South East Asia, the food price is pretty comfortable. For street food, you only spend $5-$10. Having a meal in a restaurant costs around $30. 

Cambodia trip cost from India

From India, you can book a direct or indirect flight to India. Here are some highlighted posts:

  1. On-arrive VISA: US$ 35
  2. Cambodia 7 days: Around ₹30,000 - ₹50,000
  3. Flight charge roundly ₹20,000
  4. Hotel/ resort: ₹ 30,000

Cambodia 2-week itinerary

If you are seeking a typical Cambodia 2 Weeks itinerary. Here is our suggested plan:

  • Day 1: Directed flight to Phnom Penh International Airport: 45 minutes away from the downtown
  • Day 2: Visit Phnom Penh tourist attractions: Russian Market, Siscowath Quay, Tonle Sap River, and more
  • Day 3: Travel to Siem Reap: by car and bus 
  • Day 4: Explore the sunrise at Angkor Wat and marvelous Temple complex
  • Day 5: Grab a ride to Phnom Kulen: explore the national park, the river of a thousand Lingas, and the Cambodian Circus. 
  • Day 6: Experience the life of Siem Reaps' local artisans: explore Khmer ancient arts and how Artisans make silk. 
  • Day 7: Have a beach trip at Sihanoukville with a bar and party vibe.
  • Day 8-9: Relaxing with the sea. Chilling on the beach of white sans and a gentle wind. You can also book a boat trip to the beautiful Islands. 
  • Day 10: get back to Kampot: and chill with the local town atmosphere
  • Day 11: Hikking to Bokor Mountain by bike or tuktuk 
  • Day 12: Try Kampot pepper right inside the local farm
  • Day 13: Take Paddleboarding to see the charm of river afternoon
  • Day 14: Get ready to say goodbye to Cambodia.

Cambodia itinerary 7 days

For those who expect a shorter Cambodia vacation package, we suggest a regular Cambodia itinerary 7 Days:

  • Day 1: Siem Reap: get the trip to the Angkor temple complex
  • Day 2: Cambodian Village: Here you can spend time exploring the local life of Cambodia
  • Day 3: Trip to Sihanoukville: spending a whole day exploring the charm of the countryside
  • Day 4: Visit Island Koh Rong Samloem and chill with the bar and beach
  • Day 5: Came back to Sihanoukville for spa and relax
  • Day 6: boat trip in Kampot to spot the amazing view of the city landscape
  • Day 7: Last day with Phnom Penh capital city

Our trending Cambodia vacation package- Grand tour Cambodia

Come to World Mate Travel Vietnam if you are considered to take a vacation in Cambodia. We show you our trending collection of Combodia vacation packages:  

Cambodia honeymoon package

Cambodia refers to the right destination for couples enjoying their sweet honeymoon. Couples would be impressed with the supernatural beauty when enjoying a vacation in Cambodia. romantic destinations here are famous for warm weather, breathtaking breaches, and fabulous food. Choosing Cambodia Honey Moon packages with World mate Travel, we help you select the best option to fit such a noteworthy trip in your life. 

Cambodia cycling tours

Travelers, who love cycling tours, find Cambodia as the ideal destination. Cambodia adventure with a bicycle would be your unforgettable experience when enjoying a vacation in Cambodia. From Phnom Penh down to the countryside region, the charming Cambodia cycling tours help you explore the marvelous of Cambodia sightseeing authentically. World Mate Travel gives you some options before having cycling tours in Cambodia. Contact us for more details. 

Cambodia adventure

Enjoying a Vacation in Cambodia as an adventure will never disappoint you. The Cambodia adventure packages offered by World Mate travel combine physical activities and natural landscape exploration. We customize the adventure trips by level depending on the types of activities. In Cambodia, virgin rainforests and marvelous roads will take you to perfect trekking and cycling.

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