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We prepare a comprehensive guide for those who are planning their golf tours. Get ready for your incredible trips with well-prepared information.

Check list for Adventure Travel Packages

Planning adventure travel induces several difficulties due to unexpected endangers occurring throughout your journey. We list here some items that would be included inside a typical adventure travel package and some details of adventurous destinations.  

What you can expect in a typical adventure travel pack

Looking for cool, unique, and unforgettable adventure travel? You are in the right place. We offer both inclusive and exclusive adventure tours. Here are something you can expect from our adventure packages:

  • (Optional) Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Preset local food and meal
  • Private or group transportation during the trip
  • Experience local tour guides fluently in English
  • Entrance fee to sightseeing and adventure destinations
  • Activities/ games within adventure tours. 
Contact us for extra services not listed above.

Explore adventure trip destination

In each location, you can explore featured types of adventure activities. For those who engage in adventure tours, here are hand-picked destinations for your consideration:

  • Vietnam Adventure travel
You can try hiking through Lao Cai, the top of SE Asia's highest mountains. Open water swimming in Lan Ha Bay creates a time to explore this surreal setting, diving, and gliding. Far from the beautiful beach, you can try climbing the best rock mountain in SE Asia, Nature Reserve Huu Lien. Otherwise, going caving in the largest caves in the world would be a good idea.

  • Laos Adventure travel
In Laos, you can explore swimming and hike around the waterfall Kuang Si fall or Li Phi falls, which sometimes have dolphins visiting. Besides, island explorer gives adventures of accessing around 4,000 islands with many shades of beauty.

  • Cambodia adventure travel
You should try a boat tour in Cambodia to explore the hidden charm Mekong rivers. Cycling through ancient and beautiful villages helps you access the local landscapes. Otherwise, trekking to explore the jungle and tribe villages is the favorite activity of many tourists.

  • Thailand adventure travel
Coming to Thailand for adventure, do not miss exploring Khao Sok, and the beautiful reserve area. For island explorers, you can go to big buddha. For the boat trip, Koh Phi Phi gives you an unforgettable experience. 
SE Asia has a long list of other adventure destinations for your trip. The above list can not cover the entire tourist attractions in this region. For further options, Contact us to get a free quote and a detailed travel itinerary. 

Customized your adventure vacations

Knowing our customers, World Mate Travel gives you a hand to design adventure travel and vacations yourself. The creation is unlimited, and travel is a private experience. You can freely select a combination of services, activities, and locations for upcoming adventure trips.  

Types of adventure tours for you

The core value of outdoor adventure travel is activities. Obviously, depending on the purposes of adventure trips, you might select the proper games. 

  • Family travel adventures
Family Travel adventures aim to joyful and meaningful memories. One of the most adventure tour operators' difficulties is affection. It is found hard to take care of several generations at the same time. Our family travel adventure tours adopt highly tailor-made and we welcome children partaking in the tour. We offer child-centric adventure travel. You can choose the level of physical challenges, assuring secure trips and great value for your family. 

  •  Small group adventure
Regarding adventure travels in a small group, you have more options in action-packed. Since a small group with similar tastes, it seems to be straightforward to pick up adventure activities that are suitable for all. Also, with small group sizes, you can handily go with budget-conscious itineraries without any costs incurred. 

  • Large group adventure
Book an adventure tour for a large-size group suffered pretty challengingly. You might need a local adventure tour operator to take care of the tourist group, away from potential risks throughout destinations. With a large group, you tend to lose some options for activities. Some action packs are not suitable for large size of tourists. In turn, you can save your budget. 

Design your best adventure travel

In terms of adventure travel, activities play a crucial role. In case you are planning an adventure tour in South East Asia, you might consider some activities:

  1. Kayaking around islands and bays: In Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and other parts of South East Asia, you can easily find beautiful rivers and shallow seas where you can enjoy driving and kayaking.
  2. Trekking in tropical forests: we have several primary forests and Biosphere Reserves, where you can explore the realistic wildlife for the adventure travel
  3. Cycling in the highland: a trip through breathtaking farmlands and local fields would be an unforgettable adventure tour. We have impressive landscapes to explore during your ride. 
  4. Diving: engaging with diving tours in some beach cities explore amazing creatures living under the sea. Trying scuba diving and snorkeling in SE Asia, tourists can also enjoy the diversity of natural species here. 
  5. Stand-up padding exercise: supper fun game for a group enjoying adventure travel. You can experience both surfing and kayaking simultaneously. 
  6. Camping: Going camping would be a good idea on hills, mountains or some other campsites, spending a night out with friends and family. 
 Obviously, you can select many types of adventure activities throughout your trip. The above suggestion does not present all options. You can contact us if you have other requirements for additional activities.

Expert tips for adventure tours and vacations

The experiences of adventure tours would be highly different from your arrival. Each land has its own mystery and beauty to explore. In fact, adventure tours might have potential risks for travelers. Here are some expert notices for you before planning a new adventure travels

Why travel with the adventure tour operator

South East Asia is renowned as the world's most splendid source for adventure vacations. You can find many topographic forms and beautiful landscapes, from wildlife jungles to majestic islands. Here are significant reasons for you to consider SE Asia and World Mate Travel as your next adventure:

Experienced local tour guide

Adventure travel to wild destinations needs a local tour guide to assure tourists' safety and experiences. Especially in SE Asia, you can choose many adventure tours to primary forests, wild islands, mountains, and other adventurous destinations. In these cases, your trips would induce some potentially dangerous from wild nature. 

Easy to access

Most countries in SE Asia offer an on-arrival VISA scheme. Adventure travelers coming from these nations could save time for VISA application

Exciting and innovative tours

You can choose diverse adventure activities when coming to SE Asia. As an example, hiking to the Roof of Indochina, kayaking in Ha Long bay, walking through the forest, and more. 

Trusted travel mate
As a Professional tour operator company, World Mate Travel successfully operates adventure tours with 100% of safety and satisfaction. We understand each destination to offer you authentic and exciting adventure tours. 

Mind our suggestion for the best adventure travel

Obviously, adventure travel induces unpredictable risks for travelers. Despite collaboration with a  master adventure tour operator, you better keep some tips to stay away from worries.

  1. Prepare for any physical challenges throughout your adventure: You should care much about your health and body since an adventure journey will risk your daily routine and health. 
  2. Take care of your travel necessities: you should carefully check your must-haves since unusable items are your burden Detering your journey. Depending on each location, a set of essential items would be well-prepared
  3. Choose your ideal destination: coming to adventure travel, you should probably choose the place suited to your vision. For example, if you are looking for mountain hiking, you should pick the North of Vietnam, where you can explore natural mountains and forests
  4. You are a traveler, not a vacationer: choose adventure trips meaning you need exercise and heat up your body. Forget all about relaxing resorts or pool parties. You are here to explore a new thing.      

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