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We prepare a comprehensive guide for those who addict to day tours. Get ready for your incredible trips with well-prepared information.

Checklist for One-Day Tour Package

Consider a one-day tour package for your next travel but still concerned about detailed information regarding what is included. We note here with common items and services World Mate Travel serves you on a typical day trip. Also, we provide an overview of popular one-day trip places you might love

One-day tour package

At World Mate Travel, you can book the entire or part of one-day tour packages to selected places nearby. The tour packages would include:

  • Full transfers provided by tour companies: Pick up at a particular point
  • Entrance fee in tourist attraction
  • Lunch following available menus
  • Tour guide accompanying during the day tour
The one-day tour packages would vary depending on your chosen destination and the availability of services. Most day tours will include some activities and transportation. 
For additional services, you can ask for custom tour operators. Contact us for discussions.

One-day trip places

World Mate travel could customize day tours depending on your location. As our head office is located in Hanoi, Vietnam, we have advantages in operating day trips in some Vietnamese cities. We can name some destinations:

  1. Hanoi city Day tours: Spending a whole day exploring Hanoi Old city with an experienced tour guide. You can expect a cultural, historical, and food tour around Hanoi. 
  2. Trang An- Ninh Binh day tours: About two hours of driving from Hanoi, Trang An is well-known as the ancient capital city of old Vietnam. In Trang An, travelers could enjoin climbing and an unforgettable sampan trip.
  3. Bat Trang ceramic Villages day tours: located in the suburb of Hanoi, Bat Trang is the ideal location to experience traditional villages of famous ceramics. Here, you can visit a local ceramic shop or experience making ceramic yourselves. 
  4. Cuc Phuong day tours: for those who love natural forests and natural landscapes, one day tour in Cuc Phuong national park is a good idea. You can enjoy trekking and the best jungle tours.
  5. Hoa Lu- Tam Coc- Bich Dong: A famous tourist attraction near Trang An, you can find the temple of famous Vietnamese Kings here. Also, this location is well-known for Bich Dong cave and the breathtaking scenery of rice fields. 
  6. Bai Dinh day tours: religious journey to one of the most renowned pagodas of Vietnam. Bai Dinh pagoda complex is admired as one of the recent World Heritage sites. 
 Our one-day tour packages are not limited to the above one-day trip place. Contact us to explore more destinations.

My day trip- Custom day trips

Instead of customizing your day trip destinations, we also offer special packages called "My day trip" based on your travel group size. Accordingly, services and activities within the packages would adjust to fit your availability. 

Family day trips

We understand the family day trips respecting privacy and seclusion. For those who expect one-day trips for their family, we provide services to a small group with private transportation and isolated activities from the tourist group. 

One-day trips could be custom for families having children or elderly. Depending on the family group, you can select the right included services and activities in your day trips. World Mate Travel assures you of family-friendly and safe trips to your family.

1-day trip- what to pack?

Despite only a day trip, there is an essential packing list you should consider to have the best day trips comfortably:

  • Food/snack: despite having meals included in the tour packages, you can consider bringing additionals snacks
  • Light Jacket: Sunlight in tropical countries might harm your skin. That's why don't forget to bring your light jacket to protect you. 
  • Tissues: it does not take up much room. Bringing it keeps you comfortable during the day trips
  • Sun Screen: Again, protect your health under harmful sunlight in Indochina
  • Hat: we might have outdoor activity so try a hat with you
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes and have cool pictures
  • Umbrella and comfortable shoe: ready for a long trip with many activities. 
 You can test some other private items when enjoying day trips but keep it simple.

One-day trip: Tips and suggestions

Planning a day trip is not a complex task. However, having the best day trips with comprehensive planning require lots of preparation and experience. For those considering a day tour, below are something you need to know.

Why take day trips in Indochina

Located in a tropical region, Indochina owns a diver ecosystem and cultural heritages waiting to be explored. Following Asia culture, tourist attractions here are somehow concentrated. Most cities and the countryside are relatively small, you can explore those in only one day, while enjoying the activity and landscape totally.

  1. Ideal climate for day trips: In Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, the regular weather is warm and pleasant. Most regions do not suffer from a long rainy day. You can enjoy day trips with a sunny and comfortable atmosphere. 
  2. Reasonable trip cost: From Indochina Region, we have amazing landscapes of natural forests to breathtaking beaches. Fortunately, due to the reasonable local living cost, the cost to travel here is also more affordable compared to other countries.  
  3. Interesting activities: Choosing the right tour operation company, we offer you fitting activities throughout the trip. All activities are designed based on experiences and bring both valuable meaning and fun.

Prepare for best day trips

Grab the best day trips and experience, here are our professional advice:

  1. Early arrive: Since you only have limited time for travel, always leave early for better plan control. 
  2. Having adequate cash with you: In Vietnam, Lao, and Campuchia, some places do not accept payment with a card. So, better if you carry cash to pay for your needs.
  3. Check Meal time and menus: Regularly, you have a meal included in booked day tours. However, you should check with tour operators regarding your food to protect your nutrition notice.
  4. Picture it: Undoubtedly, having a great picture is a common purpose of travelers on these days and edge. In World Mate Travel, we have add-on services for photography. Ask us for more support. 

Day trips or vacations?

In case you consider day trips or full vacations, your decision depends on your constant time, money, and favor. 

  • Day trips are suitable for tourists who have limited time or only expect to enjoy one day free without booking other accommodation. You only pay for travel costs instead of booking a hotel or homestay once choosing day trips. 
  • Instead of having day trips, you might miss some favored activities and places due to time constrain. For those who expect to have a comprehensive tour, a vacation trip would be a better idea.

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