Phu Yen: Vietnam’s Coastal Gem Revealed

As a beach city in Vietnam, Phu Yen is an emerging destination among travelers due to its beautiful Phu Yen beach, Nhat Tu Son Phu Yen, cuisine, and landscapes. 

Across thousands of years, the ancient fishing village and its volcanic rocky beaches in Phu Yen, a coastal city in Vietnam, have remained relatively untouched. Despite this, many tourists have yet to discover the true beauty of this hidden gem.

It is understandable if you have not seen Phu Yen Beach on the Vietnamese tourism map. Even seasoned travelers may be surprised by the magnificence of this small city beach in South-Central Vietnam. Nestled in the foothills of the Annamite Range and over 100 miles from the rugged coast, Phu Yen offers stunning landscapes and a serene atmosphere.

Explore Phu Yen Beach to experience its natural beauty, enjoy the tranquil surroundings, and contemplate the breathtaking views.

I. Introduction to Phu Yen Beach  

Located in the central coastal part of Vietnam, Phu Yen is bordered to the north by Nha Trang. It lies along one of the most stunning coastlines in Vietnam, surrounded by the beautiful cities of Quy Nhon, Pleiku, Nha Trang, and Buon Ma Thuot.

To reach Phu Yen Beach from Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can take an overnight train. As you lie on the train, you will be greeted by magnificent views of this coastal city at dawn.

The journey feels like stepping into a dark tunnel that opens up to mesmerizing landscapes from a fairy tale. Phu Yen Beach welcomes you with its serene and gentle ambiance, offering the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.

II. Explore hushing Phu Yen beach 

Just a short distance from Nha Trang City, Phu Yen offers similar weather and natural landscapes but boasts more tranquil and crystal-clear coastlines. Exploring Phu Yen provides travelers and their families with an ideal blend of comfort and adventure. Phu Yen Beach is home to many unspoiled gems, allowing visitors to embark on a serene and tranquil journey.

Additionally, the winding Phu Yen beach along with its stunning shapes allures tourists with a mesmerizing and breathtaking view of Vietnam. The area also offers a variety of diverse accommodation options, ensuring a perfect holiday experience for families and friends.

III. What is the best time to explore Phu Yen Vietnam? 

Next, let's discover the most optimal time to visit Phu Yen Beach. The best period is between January and August each year. In the spring, from January to April, Phu Yen enjoys pleasant weather with less rain and moderate temperatures, making it ideal for travelers, especially those with children or elderly family members. During this time, visitors can fully appreciate the magnificent coastal scenery.

For those seeking authentic beauty and a sunny, breezy atmosphere, the best time to visit Phu Yen Beach is indeed from January to August. The more time you spend in Phu Yen, the deeper your love for this beautiful coastline will grow. So, take your time and immerse yourself in the tranquil, healing ambiance, soaking in the sunny and warmly welcoming environment. 

IV. How to get to Phu Yen Travel? 

As an experienced travel agency in Hanoi, WorldMate Travel will share several traveling tips, taking you to visit Phu Yen. Here are some approaches that you can get to Phu Yen Vietnam: 

4.1. By Air transport

The most convenient way to get to Phu Yen is by airplane. In Phu Yen, Tuy Hoa Airport is situated across the river, about seven kilometers from the city center of Tuy Hoa. Every day, there are flights to Phu Yen such as Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines, and VietJet. 

4.2. By Train transport

If travelers want to explore more and more of Vietnam's beautiful landscapes and with an extended travel time, taking a train to Phu Yen can be a great option. North-South Express in Tuy Hoa is a famous train; and it connects this city to other hubs such as Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi, about 13 hours. To find more options related to train ticket time and available seats, you can check the official website of Vietnam Railway at

4.3. By Sleeping Bus

Buses in Tuy Hoa City can be confusing because there is more than one station. North-South buses will take you to Highway 1A, which is about five kilometers west of the city center and can drop you off at Tuy Hoa

4.4. By Private Car 

If you are traveling with a group or seeking convenience and flexibility, hiring a private driver can be an excellent option. It allows you to travel at your own pace, making stops for photos or sightseeing as you wish. To find a reliable driver at a reasonable price, ask the hotel front desk staff for recommendations and read reviews to ensure you get the best deal.

V. Must-have Places to Visit during your Phu Yen Travel 

5.1. Nghinh Phong Tower - Brandnew Symbol of Phu Yen Province Vietnam 

Recently, tourists tend to visit Nghinh Phong Tower in Phu Yen with an icon shape that looks like a work of a fiction movie. Located in Nghinh Phong Square, this place has an impressive design and shape. It is inspired by the Ganh Da Dia (literally the Cliff of Stone Plates), which is considered a symbol of Phu Yen locals, along with the myths of one hundred eggs and one hundred children belonging to the Father of Lac Long Quan and the Mother of Au Co. This tower is split into two parts. 

5.2. Ganh Da Dia 

Ganh Da Dia is a must-visit destination when traveling to Phu Yen. Located in An Ninh Dong Commune, about 35 kilometers from Tuy Hoa City, it offers a unique coastal experience. The entrance fee is VND 20,000 per person. Watching the series of waves crash against the rock formations at Ganh Da Dia is truly mesmerizing, with white waves gradually splashing over the stones.

5.3. Ganh Den


If you take the time to visit Ganh Da Dia, you definitely will not miss a chance to discover another magnificent tourist spot in Phu Yen Vietnam nearby. It is the Ganh Den lighthouse. From this place, tourists can gaze far over the marvelous view of Phu Yen beaches. Its peace and tranquility give Ganh Dan an impressive landscape. 

5.4. Mang Lang Church 

Phu Yen province, Vietnam, is renowned for its ancient churches. Located in An Thach commune, Mang Lang Church was constructed in 1892 and is one of the oldest churches in Vietnam. This historic site was once a teaching space for Bishop Nhat Tu Son. Visiting Mang Lang Church offers an opportunity to delve into its rich history and capture impressive, timeless photographs.

5.5. O Loan Lagoon 

Another must-visit destination in Phu Yen is O Loan Lagoon, which has gained significant attention on social media following the success of the movie “I See Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass”. This enchanting location with its fairy-tale-like natural beauty, captivates visitors from afar. It would be a regret not to capture a memorable photo here. 

5.6. Dai Lanh Lighthouse 

Dai Lanh Lighthouse, located in Hoa Tam Commune, Dong Hoa, Phu Yen Province, is about 35 kilometers southeast of Tuy Hoa City. It offers a grand opportunity for exploration. To reach Dai Lanh Lighthouse from Tuy Hoa City, follow Hung Vuong Boulevard to National Highway 29. Eventually, you will see the lighthouse perched on a promontory extending into the ocean. The route to Dai Lanh Lighthouse is one of the most magnificent coastal paths in Vietnam, featuring the blue sea on one side and majestic mountains on the other.

5.7. Nhat Tu Son Phu Yen 

Nhat Tu Son Island is a must-visit destination in Phu Yen. Spanning 6 hectares, the island serves as a natural barrier, protecting locals in My Thanh Fishing Village and Hai My Fishing Village from the harsh elements. Its stunning and unique natural beauty offers tourists time to immerse themselves in an unspoiled ecosystem of ancient forests teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

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