Then Pa Village in Ha Giang - a small village nestled beneath the Lũng Cú Flag pole

Then Pả Village in Ha Giang is a small and beautiful village located right at the foot of the Lũng Cú Flagpole, exuding a sense of tranquility and gentleness that makes people feel nostalgic.

Visiting Thèn Pả Village of the Hmong people at Lũng Cú: 

Thèn Pả Village in Ha Giang might still be a relatively unfamiliar name to both domestic and international tourists. But did you know that it is a small village located in Lũng Cú commune, Đồng Văn district, right at the foot of the Lũng Cú Flagpole? At the base of the flagpole, there are two lakes called "Dragon's Eyes," with the lake on the right side being near Thèn Pả Village and the other lake near Lô Lô Chải Village.

From the center of Đồng Văn town, it is approximately 26 kilometers to reach Thèn Pả Village. Tourists can combine a visit to the Lũng Cú Flagpole with a stop to explore this picturesque village. Thèn Pả is the residential place of the Mông ethnic community, who have preserved long-standing local cultural characteristics. In the Mông language, Thèn Pả means "a large field."

Photo: Nguyễn Sỹ Đức (VnExpress)

Compared to Lô Lô Chải Village, Thèn Pả has not received as many visitors. However, it is because of this that the village retains its pristine and peaceful beauty. In recent years, the local residents have also started engaging in tourism, offering new and exciting experiences for travelers exploring Ha Giang.

The beauty of Thèn Pả Village in Ha Giang captivates visitors and leaves a lasting impression:

If you have the opportunity to stand at the Lũng Cú Flagpole and look down, you will see Thèn Pả Village nestled amidst the rugged and grayish limestone mountains of Đồng Văn. The village exudes a simple and picturesque charm, with a truly beautiful and poetic landscape. Here, the houses of the local indigenous people are traditional stilt houses with distinctive Yin and Yang tiled roofs, creating a unique cultural and lifestyle characteristic of the Hmong people.

The distinctive clay houses in Thèn Pả Village. Photo: Nguyễn Sỹ Đức (VnExpress)

When visiting Thèn Pả Village, tourists will pass by two rows of ancient sa mộc trees that are over a hundred years old. These trees are commonly found in Ha Giang due to their resilient vitality and ability to thrive in the highland rocky terrain. The sa mộc trees have straight trunks and their branches form beautiful and poetic layers. Thanks to these trees, the scenic beauty of Thèn Pả Village becomes even more enchanting.

Stepping past the row of sa mộc trees to enter the village, visitors will come across a series of closely clustered stilt houses with weathered gray tiled roofs. Behind the houses, surrounding the gardens, are lush and refreshing green trees, creating a pleasant atmosphere that envelops the surroundings. Thèn Pả is perhaps most beautiful in the early morning when the misty fog embraces the village, adding an ethereal touch to the picturesque scenery.

The peaceful scenery in Thèn Pả Village. Photo: Hồng Vĩnh

Thèn Pả Village in Ha Giang showcases a unique beauty in each season:

If you visit during spring, you will be treated to the vibrant colors of pear and cherry blossoms adorning the village paths, Mông people's gardens, and covering the hillsides and mountains. The peak bloom of the pear blossoms usually occurs around the lunar month of March, creating a bright, fresh, and incredibly charming scene in Thèn Pả Village.

A serene early morning in Thèn Pả Village, Hà Giang. Photo by @thenpa23.

During the summer, Thèn Pả Village in Ha Giang becomes even more vibrant with the lush green color of the sprawling cornfields. In addition to cultivating rice, the local people also grow corn to improve their livelihoods. When visiting Thèn Pả during the summer, you can also admire the crystal-clear waters of the "Dragon's Eye" lake. This is a truly wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Giang.

When visiting Thèn Pả, tourists can immerse themselves in peaceful and tranquil nature. Photo: Nguyễn Sỹ Đức (VnExpress)

Indeed, the autumn season in Thèn Pả Village is also quite enchanting with the golden hues of ripened rice fields. Although Thèn Pả may not have as many terraced fields as Hoàng Su Phì, the scenery is still impressive. If you prefer a colder and more misty atmosphere, you can visit Thèn Pả during the winter days when the village is covered in a blanket of fog.

Each season in Thèn Pả Village carries its own unique beauty. Photo: Hồng Vĩnh

In recent years, Thèn Pả Village in Ha Giang has gradually gained recognition among tourists. Since 2021, the local households have been renovating their houses to establish homestays for visitors. Currently, there are five households in the village that have participated in community-based tourism, providing accommodations, cooking traditional meals, demonstrating the process of making linen fabric, and producing local wine, offering authentic experiences for tourists to engage with the local community.

The people in Thèn Pả Village have started engaging in community-based tourism. Photo: Hồng Vĩnh

Moreover, the local households in Thèn Pả have also opened restaurants to offer a variety of delicious Hà Giang specialties for visitors to enjoy. You should try dishes such as mèn mén (a traditional Mông dish made with corn), thắng cố (a unique sausage made from pig's intestine), lẩu gà đen (black chicken hotpot), and more when you visit Thèn Pả to truly experience the authentic culture and cuisine of the Mông people in the land of Hà Giang.

Homestay in Then Pa Village, Hagiang. Photo: Hồng Vĩnh

When exploring Thèn Pả Village in Hà Giang, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Accommodation: There are several homestays in Thèn Pả for you to choose from, with prices ranging from approximately 150,000 to 180,000 Vietnamese Dong per night. It is recommended to research and book in advance to ensure your accommodation during your trip.

Combine a visit to Lô Lô Chải: Lô Lô Chải is a village near Thèn Pả, and you can consider combining your visit by staying at homestays there to have a complete experience during your journey of exploring Lũng Cú and Đồng Văn. Lô Lô Chải is also renowned for its local culture and traditional way of life.

Personal belongings: When visiting the villages, it is advisable to prepare personal items such as warm clothing, hiking shoes, sunscreen, and a helmet (if traveling by motorbike) to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the journey.

Respect the local culture: When interacting with the local people, it is important to respect their culture, traditions, and customs. Polite communication and respect will enhance your experience and maintain a good relationship with the local community.

Protect the environment: Preserve the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and avoid damaging or depleting natural heritage in the area. Pay attention to proper waste disposal and practice sustainable use of resources during your trip.

Remember to adhere to the regulations and guidelines provided by the local authorities and prioritize your safety throughout your journey.

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