Escape to Paradise: Unveiling the Charms of Phu Quy Island

If you are a beach-lover enchanted by magnificent landscapes and seeking lesser-known gems away from the popular shores of Phu Quoc Island or Danang City, then Phu Quy Island in the Southern part of Vietnam's Binh Thuan province is a destination you won't want to miss. Phu Quy Island promises an indeed unforgettable experience with its pristine beauty and untouched natural charm.

Located on the coastline of Binh Thuan, Phu Quy Island has emerged as an attractive place for many youngsters and enchanting Vietnam-based travel getaways. With its wide range of beaches and marine systems, the hidden gem in Phan Thiet Phu Quy will be an appealing invitation for many travelers. Explore this blog to explore many aspects, including how to get to Phu Quy, What to explore on this island, and its gastronomy. 

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I. Explore Phu Quy Island: Location and its weather 

1. Location of Phu Quy, Cu Lao Thu also 

A 120-kilometer drive from Phan Thiet city in the east, Phu Quy Island has become a magnificent gem in the East Sea. These days, the local authorities have been actively promoting tourism activities on the island, making Phu Quy attractive to both international and domestic travelers. Some of its outstanding features include grand lighthouses and Cao Cat Mountain. The island's seashore boasts beautiful bays split by volcanic bluffs at their tips. Additionally, Phu Quy Island features verdant agriculture-based expansion, adding to its charm as a greenery-filled destination.

2. The weather in Phu Quy 

Concerning the weather in Phu Quy, it is cool and refreshing. Thus, the ideal time to visit Phu Quy Island will range from December to June; however, you might see storms and related kinds of weather from September to November. Additionally, Spring and Summer will unveil a pristine waterway and gentle breeze, allowing you to explore the landscape on Phu Quy Island. Mind that you should check the weather forecast before traveling. 

II. How to reach Phan Thiet Phu Quy 

As the farthest place in Binh Thuan province, Phu Quy Island maintains its untamed magnificence through tourism activities. Recently, the only way for tourists to reach Phu Quy Island is by ferry from Phan Thiet City. 

1. Saigon to Phan Thiet 

To travel from Saigon to Phan Thiet and Phu Quy Island, travelers will take a bus to Phan Thiet City. From there, they can join a ferry to reach Phu Quy Island. The ferry options include Superdong-PQI, Superdong-PQII, and Phu Quy Express, which usually depart from Phan Thiet City between 6:30 am and 7:30 am. There are sometimes early departures at 5:30 am or a later ferry at 3:00 pm. The ferry ride typically takes about 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

2. Go around Phan Thiet Vietnam 

Besides, you can easily hire motorbikes on this island; however, you should be careful due to the roadway on this island. It is advisable to engage with local people for further guidance. 

III. Must-visit destinations of Phu Quy Island: What to explore 

Embracing Vietnam's coastline, Phu Quy Island brings a distinctive array of tourism activities for tourists. Firstly, there are pristine beaches including Bai Nho and Bai Thuong, which offer a setting of relaxation. Besides, you can have a chance to unwind in the peaceful ambiance while contemplating ocean views. For those who want to explore deeper links with the ocean, diving, and snorkeling under the sea might be an ideal option for them to explore a mesmerizing realm ocean in which coral reefs and interesting marine ecosystems create a magnificent view. 

Besides, while discovering Phu Quy Island’s natural landscape is highlighted, the enriching culture and history myths will enable you to uncover different aspects of fascination. Coming to landmarks such as Van An Thanh Temple as well as the Temple of Princess Ban Thanh will provide you with insights into its cultural heritage. Moreover, you can rent a motorbike to discover hidden and charming villages here for further exploration. 

Here is a list of what to explore in and around Phu Quy Island. 

1. Trieu Duong Bay on Phu Quy Island 

On reaching Phu Quy Island, tourists can have a chance to visit Trieu Duong Bay. This place shows magnificent white seashores that tremendously extend with spectacular landscapes. Here you will feel an unparalleled beauty with the turquoise view that explores the deep seabed. Coming here on a sunny day will let you enjoy a cool and refreshing atmosphere. 

2. Bai Nho Beach 

As named Bai Nho Beach or Nho Beach, it is a perfect beach for you to grace the seashore with a tranquil crescent space meticulously embraced by rock. Although it is a modest size, Bai Nho Beach is a truly tranquil place with a crystal clear waterway. Thus, it has become one of the must-see spots in Phu Quy Island Phan Thiet. 

3. Cao Cat Peak 

Lying in the Northern Phu Quy Island, Cao Cat Peak stands tall at about 106 meters above sea level. You will contemplate a distinctive view from Cao Cat Peak, which features weather-based cliffs, as a well-known Grand Canyon in the United States. Your journey to conquer Cao Cat Peak also provides a precious opportunity to uncover Linh Son Pagoda. 

4. Van An Thanh Temple 

Dating back to 1941, people who visit Phu Quy Island will come across this amazing sight. It shows a leviathan of the depth, supposed to measure about 20 meters in its prime. Besides, it is thought to become a perfect reverence by locals and communities. 

When visiting Van An Thanh's spiritual place, you behold an amazing whale skeleton. According to local myths, whales are believed to be guardians for locals to protect seafarers when storms are coming. 

5. Temple of Princess Ban Tranh 

Built by the Cham People in the late 15th century, and located in Phu Quy Island, the Temple of Princess Ban Tranh is a place to captivate local history. Local said that this legend narrated the princess’ defiance not to accept forced marriage, leading to the princess's banishment into the ocean. Then fate guided the princess to Phu Quy Island in which she supported local people against intruders. Thus, locals construct this temple to commemorate her legacy and effort. 

6. Long Hai Fish Market 

A small visit to Phu Quy Island will not be complete without exploring Long Hai Fish Market. When the sun is gracing the sky horizon, the bustling fishing market will awaken the interesting rhythmic dance of many fishing boats. Besides, the market depicts an impressive kind of seafood. 

IV. Discover finger-licking local cuisine on the Phu Quy Island 

Phu Quy Island brings an impressive beauty. Besides, it is also known for its finger-licking culinary culture that mirrors the coastline charm and verdant catch. Since you come here to uncover this hidden gem, as a leading Viet travel agent, WorldMate Travel will give you a list of must-eat dishes to satisfy your taste buds. 

1. Seafood 

Visiting the island and savoring fresh seafood will be definite. Phu Quy Island embraces an impressive seafood offering from succulent shrimp to crabs to fish and snails. Owing to its verdant fishing varieties on Phu Quy Island, you could taste the sea’s bounty in every bite. 

2. Phu Quy Lobster 

Another dish that you have to try when visiting this island is Phu Quy lobster. It is fresh and it also boosts your reddish hue. 

3. King crab of Phu Quy

If you are a seafood lover, you will not want to miss trying the Phu Quy Island king crab. Dive into its different textures and flavors, which are sure to impress. This majestic crab may seem imposing at first, but its taste will quickly win over even the most hesitant of tourists.

V. Why choose WorldMate Travel as a Reliable Vietnam Travel Agent? 

As a trusted Vietnam travel agent, World Mate Travel is here to provide you with useful information related to specific destinations, such as weather, the best time to visit, must-experience activities, and cuisine. We are confident in offering you high-quality service and memorable experiences when visiting Phu Quy Island, along with famous places in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries as well. If you plan to visit a place, we will be your travel mate. 


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