Explore The Best Recipe of Famous Thai Dishes

When traveling to Thailand, a Southeast Asian country, you have to try famous dishes in Thailand. Thai famous dishes are well-known for their warmth, comfort, and jam-packed with flavor. With its mouth-watering notes of seafood, coconut milk, unique spices, and fresh lime juice, Thai food is everything that you can imagine on Earth. 

As the top tourism company, World Mate Travel has brought excellent tourism experiences for tourists who have trusted our services. The post will give you a complete guide to most Thai dishes. Hoping that it can help you to have unforgettable experiences on your trip to Thailand. 

Famous Thai dishes: What to consider 

Flat noodle stir fry, also called Pad Thai - is a famous Thai food


As one of the most famous Thai dishes, Pad Thai is something that you should try first. The famous Thai food offers stir-fried noodles with a combination of five flavors namely sweet, umami, bitter, spicy, and sour. 

Pad Thai is made of flat rice noodles stir-fried with eggs, shallots, garlic, and others like chicken, shrimp, or fish. You can serve one of the famous Thai dishes with fresh vegetables such as scallions and taste a sweet and spicy sauce of soy, fish, red chili pepper sauces, and others. What makes Pad Thai become one of the most famous dishes in Thailand is its characteristic flavor. Tourists can see Pad Thai in every corner of Thailand. As the top tourism company in Vietnam, we will suggest you should try Pad Thai right on the time you reach Thai. 

Thailand famous food for its spicy green papaya salad

Another Thailand famous food that we want to introduce is the spicy green papaya salad. This famous Thai food is a combination of freshness with zingy flavors - sweet and sour. The spicy green papaya salad originated in Northern Thailand. You can see shredded green papaya, carrots, green beans, shrimp, peanuts, and tomatoes on it. Additionally, locals also use a dressing of chili, palm sugar, fish sauce, garlic, and lime juice. If anyone tries this Thai famous food once, they will miss it. Interestingly, ingredients like raw papaya are considered useful for our health. 

Thai famous food - try Thai green curry - Gaeng Keow Wan Gai 

Thinking of Thai famous food, Gaeng Keow Wan Gai is always on the list. You can see this Thai famous food, a creamy coconut-milk-based curry. With its spicy green chilies, galangal, lime leaves, and shrimp paste, Thai green curry is rich, aromatic, sweet, and creamy. Tourists can taste all Thai famous food, a little bit spicy and a little sweet and sour. 

Thus, when asking about famous Thai dishes, most people suggest you should try Gaeng Keow Wan Gai. You will taste the creaminess cuts through the spice. Besides, the coconut milk adds a little sweetness to the curry. The famous Thai dishes are served with Thai jasmine rice and cooked with eggplant, chicken slides, and potatoes. 

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Thai noodle soup - one of the most famous dishes in Thailand 

In Thai famous dishes, tourists should not miss trying Thai noodle soup. A bowl of hot broth soup will make you feel warm in the colder months and even when you feel sick. Thai noodle soup is made in various ways. Among them, the most common way to make Thai noodle soup is simple. Locals use the base of a chicken or beef broth, rice noodles, and a piece of chicken, pork, or beef instead of that. Besides, they also add some wontons or even meatballs. What makes it special is that broth has many flavors from the stock and condiments like chili peppers, lime juice, sugar, and fish sauce. With its special flavor, Thai noodle soup will be one of the most Thai dishes that you have to try. 

Tom yum goong, like spicy shrimp soup - the best Thai famous dishes

Thailand is famous for its many soups, especially shrimp soup. One of the best Thai famous dishes that you should try is Tom yum goong. It is like spicy shrimp soup and this famous Thai food offers very bold flavors. 

Locals cook Tom yum goong with a base of Tom Yum paste, which is one of the signature Thai ingredients such as galangal and lemongrass. The highlighted part of Tom Yum Goong is the spicy Thai chilies, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil, and fish sauces. 

Among the soups, Tom Yum Goong is one of the famous Thai dishes with a traditional flavor of shrimp and aromatics. However, there are some versions of spicy shrimp soup such as chicken. Besides, in some parts of Thailand, locals add coconut milk to the base of the soup. It brings the famous Thai food a little sweetness. 

Thai chicken coconut soup - Tom Kha Gai - the most famous Thai dishes

Tom Kha Gai, also called Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, is one of the most famous Thai dishes. This famous Thai food uses the same base paste as the Tom Yum Goong - the spicy shrimp soup. 

Mostly, people find it hard to differentiate the flavor between both of them. However, locals say that there is a difference between the Tom Kha Gai and the Tom Yum Goong. The Tom Kha Gai is made with coconut milk and chicken while the Tom Yum Goong is prepared with shrimp and other ingredients. 

Among famous Thai dishes, Tom Kha Gai is perfect for those who like mild sweetened flavors in the soup. With its delicious flavors, Tom Kha Gai is one of the most famous Thai dishes that you have to taste. 

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Try the best recipe for famous Thai dishes - with the leading international travel agency in Vietnam 

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that owes its dreamy pristine white-sandy beaches, dynamic city lives, and outstanding culture. That diversity has influenced its gastronomy as well. On top of that, tourists should not miss a chance to taste the most flavorsome, fragrant, and sophisticated cuisines in the world. 

The country is famous for its mouth-watering culinary offerings. From starters to desserts, if you have time, and should try them all or everything in between. You can see that famous Thai food cooks carefully to balance between sweet, spicy, sour, and salty flavors in each dish. If you are planning to visit Thailand and do not know what are the most famous Thai dishes. As the leading international travel agency in Vietnam, WorldMate Travel helps you create tailor-made tours in any place, especially the Southeast Asian countries. 

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