The beauty of flower villages in Vietnam during Tet Holiday

Besides the magnificent landscape, Vietnam is famous for its many flower villages throughout the country. It is one of famous tourist attraction for Vietnam Tours.

As Tet approaches, the Southern part of Vietnam has entered a dry season. The pleasant weather is a perfect time for a village green florist to welcome visitors. In the most important festival, Vietnamese people often visit the flower villages for sightseeing and taking photos.

Are you planning culture and lanscape tours to go somewhere at the new year? Going to the vibrant flower villages to take pictures or to go for a walk as trips with your family. Moreover, if your trip is going down to Southern Vietnam, enjoying the magnificence of the flower villages is one of the should-have experiences. Indulged in the beauty of well-known flower villages in Vietnam as Vietnam’s leading tour operator company suggests below. 

As Spring comes, flower villages are gonna flourish 

When Spring is at your doorstep, it is the time for Vietnamese people to celebrate our Tet Holiday. Furthermore, lots of people also have an interest in planting flowers for those special occasions like the Lunar New Year. 

The verdant plants and colorful flowers are not only beautiful, but they also carry out prosperity and fortune in the new year. The traditional Tet Holiday is nearly here, it is the best time for tourists to enjoy the beauty of flower villages in Vietnam. 

1. Sa Dec flower village - the largest flower center in Vietnam 

Located in Sa Dec, Dong Thap province, Sa Dec flower village is one of the outstanding flower capitals in South Vietnam. In the case you are planning to visit the Southern part in the spring, do not miss the chance to visit Sa Dec flower village. 

150 km far from Saigon city, tourists can easily get to the village green florist within three hours by car. Interestingly, tourists can visit Sa Dec flower village at any time, not only on a special occasion like Tet Holiday. Moreover, lots of tourists want to come here to take photos, especially young tourists. 

In addition, the best time to visit Sa Dec flower village is before Tet Holiday one month. It means the last month of the Lunar calendar. At this time, local people start flowering and sell thousands of colorful and vibrant flowers. Besides, there are thousands of different flower species for residents to show during the Tet. 

Sa Nhien - Cai Dao flower street is the main road of this flower village, and is about 2 km in length. The flower village attracts many tourists with spacious and eye-catching cafes and spaces. Coming to Sa Dec flower village, visitors are indulged in the colorful flowers of green, red, purple, and yellow. 

Additionally, locals want to create an impressive space for tourists to visit. Thus, they have designed their flower villages and gardens into fascinating tourist attractions such as the frog flower house, Phong La vent, etc. Visiting Sa Dec flower village is one of the great ways to touch the beauty of flower villages in Vietnam. 

 Van Thanh flower village

2. Cai Mon flower village in Ben Tre - The beauty of the flower in the river 

Located in the middle of the Tien River, a part of the Mekong Delta, Cai Mon flower village specializes in planting ornamental flowers. Furthermore, Cai Mon flower village is a home of traditional flowers such as marigolds, confetti, daisies, etc. 

When coming to this flower village, tourists have a chance to admire the splendor of various blooming flowers in the Spring. Besides, travelers can take part in flower-planting activities and learn their techniques from locals. 

Spring is knocking at your door. The flower village is more brilliant and colorful. Cai Mon flower village looks like a picture of hundreds of flowers and the fragrance of blue sky. The best time to visit the village green florist is in December. They can buy flowers and ornamental plants to decorate their houses and enjoy the vibrant flowers. So visiting Cai Mon flower village is one of the must-have experiences during the day trip to the Southern part of Vietnam. 

3. Van Thanh flower village - The largest village green florist in Dalat city 

Another famous flower village in Vietnam is Van Thanh flower village. Besides, people call it the largest flower village since Van Thanh provides 80% of roses in Dalat city. The flower village was formed in the late 1950s with over 10 farmers moving here to cultivate green vegetables. 

In the 1960s and 1970s, the first farmer moved gradually from vegetables to planting flowers, especially roses in various colors like pink, yellow, light pink, etc., Van Thanh flower village is a famous flower market that provides flowers to other parts of the country. 

Additionally, the farmers in Van Thanh flower village have learned a variety of modern planting experiences. Thus, they succeeded in planting new flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums, etc. In the 90s, Van Thanh flower village created a critical step forward and grafting techniques for planting roses. 

As a result, in the 2000s, Van Thanh flower village attracted many investors through flowering roses. Furthermore, lots of people come to Dalat and Van Thanh flower village to go sightseeing. If you are wondering what is the flower village in Vietnam for tourists? As one of the leading tour operators in Vietnam, it is sure that Van Thanh flower village is a great option.  

Van Thanh flower village

Advice from Tour Operators for your trip 

The best time to visit famous flower villages in Vietnam

The time around Lunar New Year is the most suitable time to contemplate the beauty of most flower villages in Vietnam. Specifically, it is from the 10th to the 20th of December (according to the lunar calendar). Tour operatorsstate that it is the time when the flowers bloom at their best. Tourists can see before flowers are sold to the market. 

Do tourists need to pay an entrance fee while visiting the flower villages?

Tourists do not pay any fee for visiting most flower villages in Vietnam since farmers expect the visitors will buy flowers. However, if you want to enter the flower villages for sightseeing and take photos, you should prepare some money, from VND 50,000 to give to the farmer. It shows the thank you of visitors when farmers allow them to contemplate beautiful blossoms. 

Contemplating the magnificence of flower villages with us - the leading tour operator company

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the flower villages fall in the biggest florist season of the year. With pleasant weather throughout the year, the Southern part of Vietnam is home to many well-known flower villages. Moreover, the flower villages have attracted tourists for their stunning and colorful flowers. Additionally, youngsters are interested in taking photos to post on social media. Thus, visiting famous and spacious flower villages gains interest from others. Besides, tourists come here to feel the Tet atmosphere. 

Have you tried Vietnam tours during the days near the Tet Holiday or the Lunar New Year? If not, you should spend time traveling the S-shaped country once during Tet occasions. It is the best time for tourists to go sightseeing or take photos of the famous flower villages in Vietnam. 

Moreover, a specific location will feature a kind of weather and have unique conditions to plant flowers. Therefore, visiting different flower villages will show you different flowers and colors. If you want to know more about other famous flower villages in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact us - the leading tour operator company in Vietnam for more. 

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