Vietnamese Women in Traditional Clothes

Vietnamese Women in Traditional Clothes always look so charming and beautiful. Each part of Vietnam, the Vietnamese women have different styles of traditional clothing.

1. Vietnamese Traditional Clothes in North Vietnam

Each distinct region around Vietnam has its own style of flowing tunic. For instance, in the North, females usually wear the four-part (called AoTuThan in Vietnam) with a long skirt. Also, AoTuThan is well worn with a large hat made of leaves called Non Quai Thao. Nowadays, tourists can only see Vietnamese women in AoTuThan go along with Non Quai Thao in traditional musical performances such as Cheo and Tuong.

Instead of Non Quai Thao, sometimes women just simply wear a scarf as a variety. In the past, this combination is for the female when going on the farm.

Vietnamese Traditional Clothes in North Vietnam

2. Vietnam Traditional Dress in Central

In the Central Region and in the South of Vietnam, Ao Dai is worn much like today. It is a long flowing tunic that consists of only two parts and it is worn over a loose-fitting pair of trousers. These pants are often in white, black, or colorfully dyed. The dress splits into a front and back panel from the waist down. The Ao Dai is said to “cover everything but hide nothing” since it promotes all the beautiful curves of a Vietnamese woman. You can see in your Vietnam school tour the student girls wearing Ao Dai as their uniform.

The cone-shaped hat is called “Non La”, which is used indeed like a hat to protect one from the heat of the sun, from the rain, or in everyday life situations. Also, conical palm hats are used as a decorative fashion item or a souvenir in Vietnam. They usually are known as a Non Bai Tho as people traditionally write poetry on it. Tourists can easily find conical palm hats everywhere in Vietnam but it is highly recommended for Hue Citadel – where the first Non Bai Tho was created and developed.

Vietnamese Traditional cloth in the central

3. Vietnamese Traditional Women’s Clothing in Mekong Delta

Ao Ba Ba is the typical clothing companion with the Mekong Delta women from long ago. This shirt makes people immediately think of the warm-hearted, natural, and tender beauty of rural women. Ao Ba Ba is a collarless shirt and the back is made of a piece of cloth, the front body consists of two pieces, in the middle, there are two straps running from the top down. Ao Ba Ba clings to the body and often combines with long black or white trousers to emphasize the beautiful curves of the Vietnamese women

Vietnamese Traditional Women’s Clothing in Mekong Delta

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