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Visit Laos- Essential check list

Compared to other regions in Indochina, Laos might be the less attractive destination for travelers. Due to the less rapid economic development, Laos lacks modern cities and luxury resorts. On the other side, they retain carefully natural and cultural heritages. Accordingly, Laos trips are so fit for romantic explorers. Laos deserves to be added to your bucket list. Let's find out what you can find in such an incredible country. 

Laos travel update- Laos reopens tourism

After prolonged travel restrictions arising from the global pandemic, tourism Laos induces some changes that you might consider before traveling. Laos tour is no longer a restriction for foreign visitors. It reopens totally once travelers have been vaccinated without any quarantine required. 

  • In cases of unvaccinated visitors, they need to take a rapid ATK test 48 hours prior to departure. 
  • You do not need to apply for VISA before departure. Travel passes would be issued right after the arrival (visas-on-arrival ). The VISA process currently charges US$ 40 per visitor.
  • Notably, from many parts of Laos, you can find unexploded bombs carrying high risks for travelers. That's why you need experienced tour operators to protect your journey. 

Laos beautiful places

1. Vientiane

Beginning as a small and underappreciated town, Vientiane has rapidly grown to be a popular travel destination recently. Vientiane is now famous for backpackers, parties, and cheap drinks, where visitors devote their souls to the Western nightlife style besides Indochina culture.

2. Luang Prabang

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Laos, Luang Prabang shows the system of a giant forest, and two rivers Mekong and Nam Khan formed a marvelous landscape. As the formal capital city of Laos, Luang Prabang owns its rich history and religious sites of Buddhism. Coming to Luang Prabang, you might be surprised by the most impressive colonial landmarks and unique local cultures

3. Mount Phousi

For those who are curious about religious travel, Mount Phousi is your destination. As the hidden gem of this country, Mount Phusi is a Laos highland with over 100 meters in height. On top of the mountain, you can find impressive ancient temples, promising you an unforgettable religious journey.

4. Phonsavan

Despite as an impressive tourist attraction, Phonsavan impresses visitors with its hidden charm. You can find unique plain of jars, which plays crucial roles in local cultures. Also, the vast open fields of big stones refer to the surprising thing in Phosavan, waiting for you to explore.

5. Pakse

Pakse of Laos located in the South is famous for its relaxing climate and enjoyable atmosphere. Coming to Pakse, you would find a really peaceful lifestyle where the green adorn blowing the whole city

6. Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don is the name of the group of Lao Islands, located in the South of this country. Since most islands are small, they form a unique geographic landscape. As one of the most beautiful places in Laos, you might enjoy fishing activities here. Si Phan Don is also the home of nearly -extinct Irrawaddy Dolphins

Laos trip with tour operator companies

Laos tour packages offered by World mate Travel consider several criteria to fit your favor. So, what should become the significant concerns for your Laos trips? 

Laos trip cost

As you might know, Lao is not a hustle country. It suits tourists looking for peach and culture explorers. Then, Laps Trip cost is believed to be more affordable compared to other countries. 

  •  For budget tour: it worst roundly US$30 -40 each day, covering accommodation, transport, food, and drinks
  •  For a more comfortable trip: it worst roundly US$ 70 each day with two start hotel, taxis, and meals in local restaurants
 Although Laos does not offer a diver option for luxury travel tours, we can also help you operate a custom tour in some regions. 

Laos trip cost from India

We see a surge of Indian visitors looking for trips to Laos. In that case, World Mate Travel customizes some Laos holiday packages for Indians. For those who consider the cost of travel from India. We will show you. 

  • Airfare rate: depending on the time of travel, you can search for airfare roundly ₹8,000 to ₹20,000 for return flights 
  • VISA fee: US$35
  • For accommodation, transport, and other costs, you can see our Laos tour package or contact us for promotion.      

Laos things to do

Since holidays to Laos are journeys of explorers, we have a series of Things to do in Laos, where you can grab the unique experience that other destinations never present you.  

  1. Trekking: You can explore the jungle and natural beauty of the Northeastern region in Laos.
  2. Kong Lor Cave Adventure by a boat trip 
  3. Discover the hidden beauty of the Bolaven Plateau with waterfalls, dense jungles, and local villages of different ethnic groups. 
  4. Embark on a Luang Say Cruise to capture the charming of local living
  5. Tour with  Mekong Delta Cruise to explore the marvel of over 4000 islands
  6. Explore the national Protected Area, home to endangered species of mammals and birds. 
  7. Visit the religious temple and places to experience the life of Laos people authentically.

Laos international travel

Foreign travelers visiting Laos via Tour packages should notice the below requirement prior date of departure:

  1. Passport validity: at least 6 months 
  2. Blank Passport pages: at least 2. The endorsement pages are not considered blank passport pages. 
  3. VISA Tourism: on-arrived VISA required
  4. Currency Restriction: no more than US$ 2,500 or equivalent foreign currency. 
  5. No vaccination is required

Laos vacation packages

Within the Laos tourist Map, World Mate Travel offers several combinations of destinations and activities as Lao tour packages. We consider many purposes of holidays to Laos for tour operators. You can choose from Budget Tours to Luxury Tours, including Day Trips, honeymoon tours, small group tours, culture tours, and more when enjoying Laos Tourism.

Laos trekking

For the faithful of trekking, Laos is one of the ideal destinations. Here, you can find many trekking routes with different feelings of adventure. 

  • Laos Trekking to Tad Lo Villages: finding a chilling vibe to explore marvelous waterfalls.
  • Laos Trekking to Bekeo Nature Reserve of over 123,000 hectares of primary rainforest
  • Laos Trekking to National Protected Area to explore the authentic wildlife and jungle taste. 
  • Laos Trekking to Kuan Si fall of charming nature and ethnic villages 
  • Laos Trekking to Attapeu in the Southern of the country with untamed nature and ethnic culture
  • Laos Trekking to Phongsali: enjoy the mystical waterfall, caves, and mountain

Things to do in luang prabang

On top of the best locations in the Laos tourist map, you have lots of things to do in Luang Prabang

  1.  1. Go Phousi Mountain climbing
  2. Day tour with temples: Wat Manorom, Wat Xieng Thong, Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham, Tour Wat Sensoukaram
  3. Day trekking to the Kuang Si waterfalls
  4. Explore the Laos rice fields
  5. Chill in the Mekong river
  6. Explore Green Juggle Park
  7. Visit the Handicraft Night Market
  8. Join the Bun Awk Phansa Festival and Pi Mai Festival: traditional festivals you might impress by the unique ethical cultures of people here. 
  9. Food tour at the Night Food Stalls
  10. Have a boat trip and see local fishermen as they haul in the day’s catch.
  11. Buy tickets for the show at Garavek Storytelling

Vientiane tourist attractions

Coming to Vientiane, you choose the right place for chilling out and exploring the hectic pace of an Indochina city. here, you can find amazing Buddhist constructions and arts. We list some popular Vientiane tourist attractions you should consider for the trips:

  1. Lao National Museum to understand the history and Laos traditions
  2. Wat Si Saket- the temple exhibit hundreds of seated Buddhists. You can also find thousands of tiny images of insides shaped triangular in the wall. 
  3. Buddha Park with an exceptional collection of Buddhist and Hindu statues
  4. Patuxai- inspired from the reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
  5. Pha That Luang Vientiane riverfront: the authentic Vientiane lifestyle
  6. Pha That Luang- the signature monument in Laos 

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