Ba Den Mountain: Unveiling the Mystical Marvel of Tay Ninh

Amidst swirling mists and occasionally piercing through the azure sky, Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh beckons to the hearts of inquisitive travelers. This enigmatic peak, often veiled in clouds, has captivated the imaginations of thousands, drawing them to explore the secrets held within this sun-kissed, windswept land.  

Reigning over the suburban plains of Tay Ninh, Ba Den Mountain is hailed as the "crown jewel of the Southern region," a sacred nexus where the energies of heaven and earth converge. It is a sanctuary entrusted with the faith of countless Southern Buddhists.  

In this blog, we embark on a journey to unravel the secrets and stories that shroud Ba Den Mountain. From its ancient legends to the modern-day sanctuary it has become, join us as we explore the cultural, spiritual, and natural wonders that make this mountain a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. 

I. Ba Den Mountain: exciting destination for tourists  

Echoing the echoes of ancient legend, Ba Den Mountain is renowned for the enchanting story of Ly Thi Thien Huong (Ba Den), its natural splendor only enhancing its mystique. Today, it has blossomed into a sanctuary akin to a "pocket-sized Da Lat" within the embrace of Tay Ninh.  

a. Welcome to Ba Den Mountain Vietnam  

Ba Den Mountain, a renowned natural gem, graces the northeastern landscape of Tay Ninh City, nestled within the cultural and historical relic complex that shares its name. Situated approximately 100 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, this majestic peak stands as the highest point in the mountainous terrain of the Southeast region, soaring to an elevation of 986 meters above sea level.  

Embraced by the moniker "First Thien Son" among avid tourists, Ba Den Mountain captivates the beholder with its ethereal presence, emerging mysteriously through wisps of white mist and clouds. The mountain's allure is demonstrated by an intricate tapestry of temples, pagodas, and shrines that gracefully cascade from its base to its summit. This sacred complex forms a cultural and religious bastion, symbolizing the essence of Tay Ninh province.  

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Legend intertwines with the mountain's history during the Nguyen Dynasty, where Ly Thien, the governor of Trang Bang, and his wife, Dang Ngoc Phung, bore a daughter named Ly Thi Thien Huong. A fateful encounter on the mountain led to Thien Huong's rescue by Le Si Triet, a courageous young man whose talents earned him the admiration of her parents. Promised in marriage to Si Triet, Thien Huong's virtuous resolve was tested when, during Si Triet's absence in the Tay Son conflict, she faced assault by malevolent assailants. Choosing to preserve her purity and honor her commitment, Thien Huong tragically leaped into the ravine of Tuet Tu mountain. In a haunting dream, her spirit visited the mountain temple's abbot, draped in darkness, inspiring the name "Ba Den." This poignant tale prompted the establishment of a shrine dedicated to the memory of the graceful yet ephemeral Thien Huong.  

b. What to expect in Ba Den  

  • Balcony at the Summit – "Roof of the South": Nestled at an impressive altitude of 986 meters, Ba Den Mountain stands as the "roof of the South." Gazing upward from the mountain's base, the silhouette of Ba Den is veiled in an ethereal mist. At the mountain's pinnacle lies a defining landmark, surrounded by a circular balcony resembling an overhead bronze tray. It provides an unparalleled panoramic view.  

  • Trekking Routes: Renowned as an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts in the South, the Ba Den Tay Ninh mountain peak offers a challenging yet rewarding experience. With five distinct routes ranging from easy to difficult, visitors can choose based on their preferences and circumstances:  

    • Pagoda Road: The easiest path, following a pre-existing trail.  
    • Electric Pole Road: A relatively straightforward route, guided by electric poles or power lines.  
    • Ma Thien Lanh Road: A trail-less journey, requiring travelers to navigate various rocks, both small and large.  
  • Sacred Pagoda Complex: The pinnacle of Ba Den Mountain hosts a revered complex of pagodas, attracting both cloud-chasing tourists and pilgrims. Notable pagodas include:  

    • Ba Den Pagoda: Also known as Thuong Pagoda or Linh Son Tien Thach Tu, situated halfway up the mountain.  
    • Linh Son Hoa Dong Pagoda: Adjacent to Ba Den Pagoda, offering a serene and pure atmosphere.  
    • Linh Son Long Chau Pagoda: Known as Hang Pagoda, dedicated to soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the war.  
    • Quan Am Pagoda: Also known as Ba Co Cave, it features a worship space for Guan Yin Buddha.  
    • Linh Son Phuoc Trung Pagoda: Also known as Trung Pagoda, conveniently located at the mountain's base.  
  • Indulge in Local Specialties: A visit to Ba Den Mountain is incomplete without savoring local delicacies:  

    • Grapefruit Peel Spring Rolls: A unique treat, blending grapefruit peel and shredded papaya with spices, offering a distinctive flavor.  
    • Trang Bang Noodle Soup: A Tay Ninh specialty, featuring meticulously crafted rice noodles for a rich and delicious taste.  
    • Tay Ninh Young Cattle: Experience the delectable taste of veal, raised in Tay Ninh fields, available in various beef dishes.  
    • Ba Mountain Penny Snail: A prized delicacy with a flat body and high nutritional value, often found in elusive caves, making it a must-try for discerning diners.  

II. Ba Den Mountain tour  

a. Best time to visit Ba Den Mountain  

Choosing the right time to visit Ba Den Mountain is crucial: conquering its summit typically requires half a day. Weather conditions significantly impact the overall experience.  

The optimal period to explore Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh is during the dry season from December to April of the subsequent year. This timeframe ensures favorable conditions for your ascent. Particularly noteworthy is the Ba Den Pagoda festival season from January 4 to 16, during which the mountain draws a considerable influx of pilgrims.  

Despite the challenges posed by the rainy season from May to November, visiting and traveling to Ba Den Mountain remains feasible. It is advisable to consult the weather forecast before embarking on your journey, allowing you to select a day with dry conditions and ensuring a more enjoyable and comfortable exploration of this remarkable natural wonder.  

b. Ba Den mountain cable car and Ba Den station   

Visitors seeking a seamless ascent to the summit of Ba Den Mountain can effortlessly achieve this feat through the state-of-the-art cable car system. The swift, 8-minute journey, unfolds against a backdrop of expansive green rice fields, illuminated by the radiant glow of the golden sunlight. Launched in early 2020, the Ba Den Tay Ninh cable car has garnered acclaim as the "world's largest cable car station," boasting an impressive fleet of approximately 100 cabins with a capacity of over 4,000 passengers per hour.  

Two primary cable car routes facilitate access: Chua Hang (connecting the base of Ba Den Mountain to Ba Den Pagoda) and Van Son (traversing from the mountain's base to its summit and vice versa). The Hang Pagoda station mirrors the enchanting aura of an ancient five-story pagoda, while the Van Son station unfolds as a captivating "miniature world of Nordic fairy tales." Elevate your experience by selecting refined attire to capture the enchantment of these two captivating stations, each offering a unique and magical perspective on your Ba Den Mountain adventure.  

Ticket information for mountain cable car and Ba Den station: 

Ticket price to Ba Den Mountain cable car 

General Admission 

VIP Admission 

Adult (>1m4) 


250.000 VND 

400.000 VND 


140.000 VND 


Children (1m - 1m4) 


150.000 VND 

250.000 VND 


80.000 VND 


Ticket price to Ba Den Peak cable car        

General Admission  

VIP Admission 

Adult (>1m4) 


250.000 VND 

400.000 VND 

Children (1m - 1m4) 


150.000 VND 

250.000 VND 


c. What to do in Ba Den Mountain  

1. Cloud Hunting on Ba Den Mountain:  

In a departure from past years, cloud enthusiasts ascending Ba Mountain previously faced strenuous trekking paths. The advent of the cable car line, however, has transformed the cloud-hunting experience, reducing the journey to a mere 10 minutes. For an optimal cloud-hunting expedition, heed the following advice from Ba Den Mountain Reviews, Tay Ninh 2022: check the weather forecast for ideal conditions—no rain, clear sky, gentle wind, and abundant clouds. Optimal cloud chasing is achieved by taking the 7 am Van Son cable car route, avoiding the sun's increasing intensity in later hours.  

2. Camping Atop the Mountain:  

Camping atop Ba Mountain is synonymous with a challenging trek to its summit. After navigating a demanding trail, visitors can revel in the unique atmosphere atop Ba Mountain, witnessing the sunrise over Ba Den Mountain's peak. Essential considerations for a memorable camping experience include:  

  • Choosing a safe, flat camping location, avoiding dense bushes to minimize encounters with snakes and hazardous rocks.  
  • Selecting a water-resistant and well-insulated tent to withstand potential showers, morning dew, and cooler temperatures at higher elevations.  
  • Preparing comfortable climbing attire, personal necessities, and ample food supplies.  

3. Check-In Amidst Vast Clouds and Sky Coordinates:  

   Beyond its spiritual allure, Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh offers a breathtaking backdrop for nature enthusiasts and avid photographers. Capture the essence of your journey through these unique experiences:  

  • Cliff Top Check-In: When traversing Ba Den Mountain, a must-stop is the cliff at its summit. Here, panoramic views of the stunning natural scenery unfold, making it an ideal spot for cloud hunting and an immersive experience for backpackers.  
  •  Balcony in the Clouds" scene: Perched at an elevation of 986 meters, Ba Den Mountain is enveloped in clouds year-round, creating a mystical landscape for nature lovers. A highlight of the Tay Ninh adventure is the "high balcony" region, shrouded in clouds and fog—an enchanting destination for crafting a unique photo set amidst the ethereal beauty of nature.  

III. Note for perfect Ba Den Mountain tour  

Attire Guidelines for Ba Den Mountain Temple Visit:  

When preparing to visit the temple on Ba Den Mountain, visitors are advised to adhere to certain dress codes, similar to those observed in other pagodas. To ensure a respectful and appropriate experience, consider the following:  

  • Modest Attire: Opt for discreet clothing instead of trendy or revealing outfits. The serene atmosphere of pagodas is best respected with clothing that reflects modesty and reverence.  

  • Monochromatic Choices: Choose monochromatic outfits without overly vibrant patterns or intricate details. This choice complements the solemn ambiance of pagodas and temples, contributing to a harmonious environment.  

  • Comfortable Clothing: Select comfortable clothing that allows easy movement from the foot of the mountain to its summit. The journey encompasses various terrains, and comfortable attire ensures a more enjoyable exploration.  

Taboos to Respect During Your Temple Visit on Ba Den Mountain:  

While visiting the temple on Ba Den Mountain, it is essential to be mindful of implicit principles and taboos to maintain the sanctity of the experience:  

  • Avoid Complaining: Refrain from expressing fatigue or complaining about the journey while within the temple premises. According to local beliefs, voicing exhaustion during the visit may hinder the fulfillment of wishes.  

  • Entrance Protocol: Enter the temple only through the designated side doors. Adhering to this practice is considered a fundamental and respectful gesture in temple etiquette.  

  • Incense Handling: When using incense, refrain from blowing it out with your mouth. Instead, use your hand to extinguish the flame. This action is regarded as a sign of respect towards those in positions of authority, emphasizing the importance of grace and reverence during your temple visit.  


In conclusion, Ba Den Mountain emerges as a mystical marvel, weaving together tales of spirituality, natural wonders, and breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Tay Ninh. Its summit, the "roof of the South," offers unparalleled views and experiences, from cloud hunting to camping under the star-studded sky. As you embark on your journey to explore the enchanting allure of Ba Den Mountain, consider partnering with a travel agency that understands the intricacies of this remarkable destination.  

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