Da Lat City: Visit a Little Europe Within Vietnam Highland

As one of the most well-known cities in Vietnam, Da Lat is known as a series of magnificent landscapes and tourist places by nature. With its pleasant weather and beautiful scenery, Da Lat has attracted great numbers of domestic and foreigners to come and visit. 

Most people coming here always feel the tranquility of people and landscapes. They are sure to admire the unique charm of this city, which is home to thousands of flowers. Besides, Dalat is 1500 meters higher than the sea level, making the weather in Dalat cool and cold all year around. 

Anyone walking here will probably fall in love at first sight. The landscape of Da Lat brings a distinct feeling for people. The article gives you an overview of Da Lat Vietnam, known as a little European in Vietnam Highland. 

I. Introduction to Da Lat: Location 

Dalat is a highland city, lying on the Lam Vien plateau. As the most geodetic geography in Vietnam, Dalat is home to a thousand flowers covering an area of 400 square kilometers. 

Da Lat City is around 287 km from Dong Nai province, Bien Hoa City; 1481 kilometers from Hanoi, 293 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, and about 120 kilometers from Nha Trang City. 

II. How to get to Da Lat

As a famous attraction, there are lots of ways to get to Da Lat, as follows: 

1. Getting to Dalat by plane 

Near Dalat, Lien Khuong International Airport, situated in the Duc Trong district, is approximately 30 kilometers away from the city center of Da Lat. Renovated in 2009, Lien Khuong International Airport stands as the second largest airport in the southern region of Vietnam, following Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City. The airport plays host to numerous non-stop flights connecting it to major cities across Vietnam. Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, and Jetstar Pacific Airline are the primary carriers for domestic flights operating in and around Lien Khuong Airport.

Travelers have two main options for getting to the Da Lat city center from Lien Khuong Airport. Those on a tighter budget may opt for a shuttle bus from the airport, with fares ranging from VND 40,000 to VND 50,000. Alternatively, a more flexible and convenient choice for tourists is to take a taxi, with a 4-seat taxi costing between VND 180,000 and VND 200,000.

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2. Get to Dalat by bus 

You can find a bus terminal in Dalat, located on No. 01 To Hien Thanh Street, a 2-kilometer drive from Xuan Huong Lake. As a crowded destination, the local buses operate regularly from and to others. You can book a coach offered by Phuong Trang Bus and The Sinh Tourists and also get the ticket online at vexere.com or book directly with the bus operators. 

3. Going to Dalat by private car 

If you travel with a group of tourists, you can go by private car, which is a convenient option. Car rental costs are as high as taxis; however, the services are better. 

III. The weather in Dalat 

1. Spring in Dalat 

The spring lasts for 3 months (January to April). The weather in Dalat this season is stable, less rainy, and sunny. The average temperature is between 14 and 22 degrees Celsius. It is foggy and mild sunshine; however, it is cold at night. Sometimes, it rains, which makes the weather in Dalat more frigid. Hence, taking part in outdoor activities in this season would be more challenging. 

2. Summer in Dalat 

The summer is from May to September, featured by greenery landscapes in this land. Besides, Dalat holds several resorts and hotels, ideal for travelers to relax and escape the hustle and bustle. 

It is incredible to put on a thinner sweat, walk to the local markets, and enjoy some specialties here. In this season, Dalat has thousands of flowers. It surprises you with such a dreamy and romantic scene. 

3. Autumn in Dalat 

Autumn is shorter than other seasons. Tourists will immerse themselves into a deep impression on visitors through the magnificent scene of wildflowers. If you are traveling to Dalat between October and November, you will live in cold weather when it is sunny. Besides, at night, the temperature here copies the winter atmosphere. Therefore, it is slightly recommended that you wear coats and jackets. 

4. Winter in Dalat 

November to January is the winter period here. At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, Dalat brings an impressive scene of golden colors from flowers. In December, the temperature here will drop to the lowest level, and please remember to bring your warm coat. 

IV. Best places to visit in Dalat 

1. Dalat city center with Lam Vien Square 

When discussing the top attractions in Dalat, the city center, particularly Lam Vien Square, immediately comes to mind. The city center encompasses the picturesque Xuan Huong Lake, a prominent landscape in the region. Notably, Lam Vien Square, located here, boasts iconic structures such as the Dalat Opera House, designed in the distinctive shape of sunflowers.

Additionally, the city is adorned with churches that bear testament to its rich history from the French Colonial Times. Notable among them are Domaine de Marie (1940) and the Da Lat Diocese Cathedral (1942), both revered as premier destinations in Dalat.

2. Dalat Market 

When visiting Dalat, you have to go to the central market, which is the beating heart of this city. You can buy others from there, such as traditional dresses, street food, and more. Besides, this market also become iconic for most tourists coming here to check in with stunning views. 

3. Tuyen Lam Lake 

Tourists can visit Tuyen Lam Lake in the South of Dalat City. This place is where you can find lots of famous Dalat attractions. Here, you can explore the Clay Tunnel, monasteries, spiritual pagodas, and Lavender Fields. 

4. Lavender Fields 

For those who enjoy romantic scenery, visiting the Lavender Tourist Area is one of the great options. It is an ideal location in the middle of the area around Tuyen Lam Lake. You can take many great pictures and a peaceful oasis here. 

5. Datanla Waterfalls and Roller Coasters 

Ranked among the top destinations in Dalat city, Datanla Waterfalls and Rollercoasters are situated within the enchanting Datanla Natural Park. Beyond its renowned waterfalls, this park offers an array of attractions, including roller coasters, zip lines, hiking trails, and various nature-based tourism activities. It's a diverse and dynamic location that caters to a range of interests.

Given its popularity, Datanla Waterfalls and Rollercoasters tend to draw larger crowds in the afternoon. To make the most of your experience and enjoy a more tranquil visit, it's advisable to consider exploring the park in the morning before the influx of visitors.

6. Linh Phuoc Pagoda 

Established in 1952 and officially restored in the 1990s, Linh Phuoc Pagoda is a spiritual complex of many Buddhist temples, pagodas, and religious buildings. An 8-kilometer drive from Dalat City, Linh Phuoc Pagoda shows tourists different sides of the region. 

7. Truc Lam Buddhist Monastery 

Truc Lam Buddhist Monastery is another religious place in Dalat. As one of the most attractive places to visit in Dalat, Truc Lam Buddhist Monastery was constructed in 1993. Locals consider it the largest temple in Da Lat. Besides, it is an ideal place for meditation, introducing one of the most-visited Buddhist heritages. 

8. Hilltop Viewpoints from Da Lat City 

There is a wide range of viewpoints in Da Lat for tourists to explore. Travelers have a chance to watch the sunset over the mountainous areas that look like sitting above the clouds. Conquering the hilltop viewpoints is one of the best things to explore in Da Lat city. For example, Hoang Hon 3000 is a perfect restaurant that is recommended for tourists with breathtaking views of the city and surroundings. 

Besides, tourists can enjoy an organized Dalat Sunrise Tour that escorts you to some magnificent viewpoints to see the whole city. 

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9. Dalat Railway Station 

As a historic railway station in Dalat, you can have a tour to go around Dalat sightseeing places. Architecturally designed by the French and established officially in 1938, Dalat Railway Station has become an ideal spot for passengers for decades. 

10. Elephant Waterfalls 

Another place to visit in Dalat is Elephant Waterfalls for its sheer size. About 20 kilometers from Da Lat city center, Elephant Waterfalls is worth visiting. It is recommended to join the organized tour that offers you the best experience with convenient itineraries. It includes various activities such as coffee tasting, visiting the silk villages, a well-known place of Crazy House, and a set of stunning caves. 

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