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We prepare a comprehensive guide for those who are planning their honey moon travel. Get ready for your incredible trips with well-prepared information.

Checklist for honeymoon packages

We understand you expect a unique and memorable honeymoon vacation that a fixed honeymoon package might have less attraction. In World Mate Travel, you can design trips form your own. We list here items included in a typical package for your reference

What to look for in Honeymoon world tour packages

We inhibit that Honeymoon travel aiming to create a romantic moment and a private zone for couples. Regarding world tour packages for couples, World Mate Travel designs based on the all-inclusive travel itinerary. 

Here are what you could look for in booking honeymoon world tour packages with us:

  • Private tour guides throughout your honeymoon trip
  • Luxury or budget-based accommodation based on your preferences
  • Wide range of options for dining or romantic meals
  • Private transfers by your chosen means of transportation
  • Extra on pool drinking or pool dating
  • Liveshow or live performance options
  • Room dating services as your choice. 
We also have several exclusive services designed for Honeymoon travel. Book a tour with us to catch your own packages. 

The best destination for Honeymoons

The trouble with finding your perfect destinations for Honeymoon travel? We are here to help. World Mate Travel comprehends that a real romantic honeymoon would be a combination of destination packages. Depending on your planning times for honeymoon trips, you could select some set of locations on traveling: 

  1. Ha Long Bay on top of popular Honeymoon destinations: you and your partners could enjoin cruise trips or island escapes within thousands of mini islands. Kayaking is also an engaging activity for a couple exploring the hidden charm of Ha Long.
  2. Charming city of Dalat is deserved to be on the list. It is the little Paris of Vietnam, attracting thousands of couples to visit each month. Da Lat is immensely famous for its romantic landscape, fantastic resorts, and breathtaking flower valley. 
  3. Bali Indonesia charms are presented from the iconic rice terraces and heaven beaches. Bali is the ideal destination for beach lovers and those dedicated to exploring exciting activities, parties, and relaxing. 
  4. Bataan- Phillippines offers you Honeymoon travel of local culture explorers. Coming to Bataan, you can find several historical and cultural heritage. Its beauty combines old-world charm and modern amenities 
  5. Koh Samui - Thailand located inside palm trees forest and sapphire ocean. Booking honeymoon travel in Koh Samui, you can explore perfect dining experiences, romantic bliss, and couple relaxing in such a beautiful landscape. 
 Indeed, the perfect destination list for honeymoon travel does not end here. To explore more options, catch up with us.

Make my trip honeymoon packages more memorable.

We understand that you expect the best exclusive honeymoon trip for your experience. That's why World Mate Travel offers you options for customized honeymoon world tour packages. Going over a regular tour operator company, we are your travel mate, offering tailor-made world tour packages for couples.

Custom honeymoon travel with us

Your Honeymoon would be a reflection of your couple's personality. From our over 10 years as a honeymoon tour operator, we focus on romantic activities you can enjoy together. For most couples, a private and romantic destination would be top of mind. However, honeymoon packages could be customized as you desire.
 In general, you could consider 5 types of honeymoon travel:

  1. Romantic Beach Bliss: Truly relaxing with beach travel would be a good idea for coastal lovers. 
  2. Special Road trip for couples: suitable for those who love enjoying the soul of nature. You can sketch out a route. We help you plan proper accommodation maps as well.
  3. Private trip of Island Escape: the most favorite thing of honeymoon travel is that couples tend to book tours in islands of beautiful resorts and relaxing destinations. 
  4. Modern Honney moon of city chic: bet fit with travel-living couples. You and your partners would explore the unique cultures and images of particular city lifestyles. 
  5. Staycation for a short honeymoon trip: apart from world tour packages for couples, you can also choose a local destination for exploring stunning scenery, spa, and affordable locations. 

World tour packages for couple

For those exciting world tour packages for couples, you can choose some destinations within countries. In World Mate Travel, we support several countries, especially Indochina Region. 

Many couples dream about fairytale honeymoon travel with world tour packages. If you already have the location set in mind, our tour operator experts help you to create those tours into a comprehensive travel itinerary. Otherwise, we provide you with a detailed guide to cities and countries, which are suitable for your travel. 

World Mate Travel also has add-on services of VISA application or flight booking for travelers interested in our full packages. You only need to enjoy your vacation, we take care of all packages.

Honeymoon travel: Tips and suggestions

Honeymoon travels are always dreaming trip for every couple. Do not ruin your trips due to your worst preparations. Perfect honeymoon packages would be the best gift for couples, which can be like a pearl in an oyster. Check World Mate Travel's guide for some essential details for Honeymoon travel.

Why go with tropical honeymoon destinations

It is no doubt that Tropical destinations are the favorite choice of couples for their Honeymoon travel. But, Do you question about what is the reason why people love tropical honeymoon destinations? Let's talk about its exotic, romantic, and practical. 

  1. Easy to access- Shorter time of travel: Most countries in South East Asia do not require complex VISA applications. You do not need to ruin time for documentation or a long-pause process before entering your ideal honeymoon destination
  2. Charming and breathtaking scenery: You can find the weather staying warm most of the time. It is perfect weather for traveling with oceans, beaches, islands, and city chics
  3. Unique and incredible cuisines: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and other South East Asia nations own impressive food styles that you might addict to it. Our food cultures are popular so that several famous chefs respect and recommend them as must-have experiences in life. 
  4. Safe and peaceful land: away from political conflict and violence, most SE Asia countries own a safe society and friendly locals. Choosing here for your Honeymoon travel, you would never be afraid of criminals, protests, or riots. All surrounding you is beautiful scenery and professional hospitality services.     

Tips for having the best honeymoon trips

Grab the essential things you should consider for your best honeymoon vacation:

  1. Check your trip's weather before honeymoon travel. Depending on weather conditions, we guide must-carry items to your baggage
  2. Prior plan your romantic dinners, lunches, and other meals. We help you in making reservations and setting up your events ahead
  3. Considers your partner's interest in choosing your destination and types of honeymoon travel as well
  4. Don't forget to try some exclusive activities with your partners. It could add some thrill to your honeymoon trip
  5. Try other reviews and experiences before making any decision since it is your crucial trip at the time
  6. Keep in mind planning your itinerary carefully guaranteeing the best experiences on your honeymoon travel. 

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