Why is travel insurance important - Things tourists should consider

Are you wondering why travel insurance is indispensable for travelers? It covers cases like serious illness or injury of a person during family vacations or company trips. 

Going on trips can be one of the most exciting experiences that you can have. You will arrive at places with magnificent landscapes, impressive cuisines, and diverse cultures. These days, more and more people are going on journeys, and uncertainties like covid-19 outbreaks keep changing your tourism plans for an unexpected reason. 

Before your trip, you must understand the importance of a travel insurance policy that can protect you from financial problems owing to unpredictable cases and even during your trip. Some people decline the importance of having travel insurance since they think it is costly. However, Godlin states that it does not cost much money, and purchasing travel insurance before or during the trip is a great way to ensure your security and protection. 

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I. Understanding the importance of travel insurance: what is it? and why is it essential? 

1. What is standard travel insurance in the market? 

Travel insurance can be varied but travel insurance policies can provide coverage in terms of three aspects: protection for financial expenses, protection for tourists’ benefits, and protection for personal belongings as well. 

  • Trip cancellation: Travel insurance reimburses you for a prepaid or non-refundable deposit of your trip that is put off due to a series of covered reasons. It includes airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and cruises. Travelers will not reimburse 100% of travel costs. Travel insurance can cover the reimbursements of 50 to 75% of expenses. 
  • Trip delay: The travel insurance related to trip delay provides reimbursement if a tourist suffers delays due to covered reasons. It can benefit something associated with expenses including food, lodging, and transportation that can have during the delayed break. 
  • Trip interruption: The travel insurance policy might reimburse non-refundable expenditures since you have to cut off your travel time owing to your illness on your trip. Travel insurance policies can also cover the cost of one-way airline tickets; remember that not all reasons are covered. 

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2. Why is travel insurance important to buy?  

Travel insurance refers to one of the most crucial things a traveler can consider when deciding to go somewhere. Simply due to the variety of dangers covered, travel insurance has a special significance when traveling internationally. A travel insurance policy often includes coverage for aircraft delays, medical risks, and travel risks. This checklist offers some explanations about how important is travel insurance that you might not know: 

a. It protects against medical emergencies:

So why is travel insurance important for tourists? Any travel insurance policy will pay for medical treatment up to a certain level. These policies make no distinction between different sorts of medical emergencies. It might be any form of medical or accident care, and the insurance company will cover expenditures up to a specific condition. Insurance providers will even provide you with a list of network hospitals where you can receive treatment.

b. It protects against the following travel risks:

Travel insurance addresses hazards that may arise during a trip, such as the loss of a passport and personal belongings and the loss of checked baggage. Having these risks covered provides an additional degree of financial safety. If your flight is canceled for any reason (As per the coverage terms and restrictions), having travel insurance will provide you with reimbursement up to a certain amount. These expenses would have come out of your pocket if you had not had Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance protects your finances by reimbursing such non-refundable charges.

II. Travel insurance advantages and disadvantages: 

1. Advantages of travel insurance 

People often ask why is travel insurance important. The most important reason to buy travel insurance is simply to have peace of mind. Travel insurance coverage ensures that you will not lose the entire cost of a long-planned vacation or any travel plans. Here are some more compelling reasons to buy travel insurance for your next journey. Travel insurance may include the following benefits, depending on your policy:

● In most cases, compensate for trip cancellations or interruptions.

● Make up for misplaced, stolen, or damaged luggage (including computers and cameras).

● Cover medical costs (check for any pre-existing condition clauses that may apply to you).

2. Disadvantages of travel insurance 

While many of us are traveling on a budget, most of us regard the additional cost of travel insurance as the most significant barrier. There are other reasons not to buy travel insurance that your claim may not be accepted, and there are several loopholes.

Injuries sustained when participating in sports are among the things that your travel insurance policy does not cover. Some insurance companies classify an ankle break while walking as an "extreme activity."

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As a leading local tour operator in Vietnam, World Mate Travel provides tailor-made tour packages for diverse tourists and more importantly, all custom tour packages will be bought as travel insurance to protect tourists’ benefits. If you are looking for a tour in Southeast Asia or any tailor-made tour for your enterprises, contact us for more. 

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IV. Frequently asked questions: 

1. Is travel insurance necessary for international travel? 

No, not all foreign travel necessitates the purchase of travel insurance. However, certain countries may make it a requirement for entry.

2. Should I get flight insurance? 

With so many things that may go wrong while traveling, it's worth thinking about getting some travel insurance. The type of coverage you require, your budget, and the intricacy of your travel plans will all influence which insurance choice is best for you.

3. Benefits of travel insurance for international trips 

A comprehensive travel insurance policy covers trip deposits, your health, and travel concerns such as delays. The most comprehensive travel insurance policies include coverage for trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, luggage protection, medical expenditures, and emergency medical evacuation.


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