Worst Time To Visit Vietnam: What to Consider

When deciding to travel, the weather is one of the major factors that affect your trip since Vietnam is located in a tropical climate area. If you are planning to travel, you might avoid the rainy season. During this time, the country will experience heavy rain. 

Besides, flooding is popular, and many roads become impassable. Tourism activities and outdoor activities can be affected also such as trekking, and going to the beaches. In this post, we will provide what you can expect as a traveler under advice from a Vietnam travel agent

Why is the rainy season the worst time to visit Vietnam?

The Vietnam travel agent suggests that the rainy season is the worst time to visit Vietnam. Since the constant rain can make it hard to go around and the wet weather leads to mold and mildew a little. 

Additionally, the rain is the worst time to visit Vietnam as it causes flooding in some parts of Vietnam. It can damage property, leading to dangerous situations. 

In some parts of Vietnam, it is essential to be prepared for the rainy season by ensuring that the home is properly insulated. Vietnamese people often have a plan in place for avoiding flooding. Thus, a Vietnam travel agent advises that tourists should not go to Vietnam during the rainy season. 

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Vietnam temperature by month: throughout 12 months 


Vietnam weather by month 


In January, it is cool, mild, and dry in the northern and central parts of Vietnam. It is not the worst time to visit Vietnam since you can go anywhere in Vietnam. 



February is another perfect time to visit Vietnam with pleasant weather and little rainfall. Northern parts can be cool. However, the southern parts are warmer. Thus, according to Vietnam weather month by month, February is considered the high season of tourism in Vietnam. 


In March, winter comes to an end, so the weather starts to warm up. Therefore, March is ideal for outdoor tourism activities to explore the countryside like Hanoi and Hoi An, etc. 


Among Vietnam's temperatures by month, April is not the worst time to visit Vietnam since it is dry and warm, ranging from 20oC - 30oC. Tourists can explore natural beauty such as Halong Bay and enjoy the beaches in Vietnam. 


May starts the hot season in Vietnam, particularly in the center and south of Vietnam. A tailor-made tour with reasonable prices can avoid the burning sunshine and enjoy a trip. 


Among other months, June is the hottest. The rainy season in the north and south. Thus, it can be challenging for tourists to visit Vietnam. If you do not like the hot weather, June can be the worst time to visit Vietnam. 


July can be hot and humid, with regular rain showers due to the summer monsoon season. Tourists should see more pleasant weather in Danang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, etc.  


August is a hot and rainy month in the northern and southern parts of Vietnam. August witnesses storms and heavy rains, affecting your trip. 


September is a transitional month, with a shift from the rainy season to the dry season. The north moves towards the end of the summer. Thus, tourists still experience hot weather and some rain showers. 


October is the best time to visit Vietnam, especially in the north and south. However, October will be the worst time to visit Vietnam in the central parts. Since tourists can face a high risk of typhoons and storms. 


November starts a dry winter season in the north, with less humidity and rainfall. However, in the central part, tourists can see a peak of its soaked and stormy typhoon season. 



December is a perfect time to visit Vietnam in the north and south, with the moderate weather and blue skies. In the central part, the rain starts to decrease, but the storm still happens.

When should you not go to Vietnam? Advice from a Viet Travel Agency 

Vietnam is a tropical country that offers stunning landscapes and cuisines for tourists. However, travelers must be aware of the risks that traveling to Vietnam during the rainy season. 

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Explore the worst time to visit Vietnam: special occasions 

Tet Holidays - end of January or early February - worst day to travel by car 

Tet Holiday in Vietnam is the worst time to visit Vietnam since everything shuts down. Thus, traveling becomes more over-priced and overcrowded for hotels, flights, and transport. Delays and cancellations might lead to unavailable services. 

Thus, the Vietnamese suggest that the Tet holiday is the worst time to visit Vietnam since there are not tourism services bought throughout the country. 

Hung King Day - late April 

Another worst time to visit Vietnam is during the Hung King Day celebration in late April. Governments, banks, and schools will be closed. 

Shopping malls, restaurants, and tourism operators will be opened. However, many Vietnamese people take advantage of the Hung King Day celebration to take their day off. Additionally, the traffic seems to be crowded at this time since people will travel a lot. 

International Labor Day and Vietnamese Unification Day - April 30th and May 1st 

The day-offs of April 30th and May 1st are another worst time to visit Vietnam, especially for tourists. Vietnamese people see this occasion as one of the largest holidays in a year. During this time, local people often travel. Hence, you may see crowds if you travel to Vietnam during this time. 

Vietnamese Independence Day of Sept 2nd - The worst time to visit Hanoi 

Independence Day is a giant celebration and local people will celebrate this day. It might affect your trip to Vietnam with the military parade and coast guards, schools, etc. In some ways, tourists can feel annoyed to travel outside the cities. People take three to four day-offs, which will disrupt services. 

Tips for tourists travelling the worst time to visit Vietnam

Additionally, flooding is popular in some parts of Vietnam. The Viet travel agency provides some tips on how to stay safe during Vietnam’s rainy season: 

1. Avoid going to the flood-prone areas 

When people forecast heavy rains, it is better to avoid traveling to those areas that have a higher level of flooding. It includes how-lying areas, riverbanks, and some coastal areas. 

If you want to know the worst time to visit Vietnam and avoid this, you should check local weather reports and forecasts. 

2. Stay dry 

It suggests staying as dry as possible when traveling to Vietnam during the rainy season. Travelers prepare waterproof clothing and footwear and carry an umbrella on their trip. If they get wet, change into dry clothes as soon as possible. 

3. Drink only safe water 

Tourists should drink safe water only since they might catch some waterborne diseases such as cholera and dysentery. To avoid being ill, tourists should bring bottled and boiled water on their trip. 

4. Be careful when going swimming 

Another thing is that they should be careful when swimming. If they decide to go swimming in Vietnam during the rainy season, make sure to exercise caution. 

In addition, flood waters can be contaminated with sewage, leading to serious illness. Besides, tourists should swim in areas where there is a lifeguard on duty and be careful about dangerous currents. 

5. Know your limits and prepare for your trip 

Last but not least, you should know your limits. If you don’t feel comfortable traveling in Vietnam during the rainy season, you should wait until the weather changes. 

Time to visit Vietnam: Explore off-season in Vietnam 

Many people don’t realize that Vietnam has day-offs and off-season occasions. The rainy season is from May to October. However, for those who don’t mind the rainy season, the off-season can be a perfect time. During that time, prices are lower and there are fewer crowds. Thus, tourists can enjoy amazing landscapes and tourist attractions. 

1. You can find great deals on accommodations and flights 

When considering the time to visit Vietnam, you can travel to Vietnam during the off-season. Many airlines offer discounts on flights, so it is ideal for tourists to book their trips. 

Besides, they can find great deals on hotels if they take the time to research. If you want to avoid the worst time to visit Vietnam, traveling to Vietnam in the off-season is ideal.

2. You have more space to contemplate beautiful landscapes without the crowds 

Traveling in the off-season is not the worst time to visit Vietnam. Tourists will have more space to explore truly magnificent landscapes throughout Vietnam. 

In addition, in the off-season, many restaurants and shops are less crowded.

3. The weather during the off-season can not be ideal for traveling. 

Last but not least, traveling to Vietnam during that time might be the worst time to visit Vietnam since the weather is not good. It rains almost every day during the wet season. Thus, tourists have to prepare for their trip with raincoats and umbrellas. 

The Wrapping Up 

There are great things to experience and explore in Vietnam, but the weather is something that will affect your trip here. If you do not mind the rainy season and wet weather, come and discover Vietnam. You can see the cities filled with poncho-covered locals who drive motorbikes. Hopefully, the post provides you with information that can be useful for your trip to Vietnam. 

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